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Go to Japan when pursuing the "Feng" young (super 2016 original title: all our Japanese intelligence forecast!) Lead: ushered in the most comfortable season be neither hot nor cold in a year, the air conditioning room Indoorsman are out of the door, Ge You lying girl also left the island toward the sofa ~ control have rainy season just past Phuket, Long Beach, Sabah and mardel, romantic girl heart yiyanbuge wrong peak to go to Santorini, Morocco. Only the dedication of "chasing Maple" youth, will not miss Japan’s "red"". (source: guide cat travel) @debannja called the "red Kano", and "see", has become a universal event in japan. In Japanese eyes, the passion of the leaves are withered in the last life before burn. Japanese this period as was short before the winter tour of the red edge edge so cherish every day before the arrival of winter. @auntmasako was once a year to cenglinjinran the best time to admire the maple, timely rain "chasing the Maple" girl meow, also took over the whole of Japan Red forecast guide for everyone! Japan Tourism Association red forecast map in mid October the best spot for the Hokkaido, northeast and central parts of Japan in early November in most areas of Japan "is the best in our time (only Kansai, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara Naomi) – in mid November for the best period of Kanto and Kansai maple leaf prediction map can be seen from the figure, this year’s spot the best date is about: October 28th in Hokkaido, Kansai in November 20th, the central Tokyo in November 8th, November 28th. To sum up, the most intense red when in October 25th to November 25 days ago. So, how to chase Maple just right? First stop: Hokkaido Hokkaido is the earliest early heroic red leaves can be seen in places in Japan, the origin is red line. Hokkaido maple leaf and we usually see the tall rough Maple quite a bold momentum. @debannja ten and Tian Lake in Hokkaido, no matter where people can meet the beautiful maple, Hakodate, around Furano, Sichuan soup…… Is one of the attractions in our. Of course, the "ten Hetian Lake" is our spa and scenic spots, enjoy the scenery along the leaves to make dye, stunning views by Kan Taiwan and Royal Blue Lake Lake ornamental form, let us forget, if the weather is misty, a more glamorous. @debannja Kushiro shitsugen Road East Kushiro shitsugen, autumn time tracks along the valley were dyed red, the train slowly appreciate is the most comfortable. Sitting at the time of this year only limited to travel on the small train, the turtle speed slowly through the mangroves, it is full of poetry. @auntmasako clouds gorge which is the most famous Maple resort in Hokkaido, can choose to go to in the early to late October, is just the best period of the red sky. Overlooking the red layers and precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs.相关的主题文章: