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God Tucao: a university professional gaming team Daguai final? According to the latest news – Sohu document of Ministry of education, "E-sports" has been included in the "common higher occupation education (College) professional directory", from the beginning of 2017 you can happily study in Normal University (you) Xi (XI), mom no longer have to worry about me playing the game.   once demonized the gaming culture finally began to be accepted, the Big Dipper the users have lamented: "Born Under A Bad Sign how early do not have the professional, think I can become a postdoctoral." (however, is a specialist, postdoctoral do not want to) "play the game can be admitted to the university? Can!" (as if you get on like  ); there is also speculation that the profession will be how to teach: "the final exam is the team Daguai?" (feel learn early) "exam will be a set of equipment, and then let you count how many direct attack, crit, how many sets of equipment between output and defense, paper can write" on the importance of output in the next three on the road in the endless "……"   known as the "first person" China gaming Li Xiaofeng also made micro-blog with the times changed: from occupation player’s retirement in a new way, go to the University as a professor!   people of China University Guide Gaming: "not doubt the ability of the class that is taught how to play landlords?" Is it now a nationally recognized sport?   doubt: this will not eat melon people do?   once mark video games or "Internet addiction" boys, see Yang Yongxin still recruiting ten years ago shock treatment of addiction, and became the university professional gaming news, it is ironic. (met Yang Yongxin, a drama will be renamed "a little electricity is the Qingcheng")   taking turns, in 2003 the State Sports General Administration has admitted that the electronic athletics is ninety-ninth sports, 2008 sports integration, electronic athletics is redefined as China’s No. Seventy-eighth sports.   September 2nd, "people’s Daily" also specifically wrote for E-sports Name:   professional gaming game player like playing badminton and table tennis, Lin Dan Malone is the occupation athlete. Maybe one day it will become an Olympic sport. Who has won two WCG Warcraft project world champion Li Xiaofeng described his occupation: gaming is sports and diving as required numerous exercises.   in August 2016, the Chinese team Wings to 3:1 to win the sixth DOTA2 International Invitational (T16) champion, let the five-star red flag flying in the field (the focus of the draw, the winner of the prize money of $9 million 120 thousand!!!)   perhaps in the past you have the impression that all that is in Internet cafes playing games: (but also time to endure being parents fear of discovery)   as the gaming industry has gradually become]相关的主题文章: