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Guangzhou woman have no eyes baby expert: a few days ago from a rare genetic disease, Guangzhou Zengcheng Liu Peihua blessed with a son, one family are immersed in the joy of baby. But a closer look, the baby has been closed, eyes never opened, the doctor carefully checked and found that he did not have eyes! Wow, isn’t it? What’s going on? In September 20th, Ms. Liu, who conceived in October, finally ushered in her own son, Xiao ming. But the joy of a new life did not last long. The family took Xiao Ming to the hospital for an eye exam, and the doctor’s answer hit them. Reporters access to information that, eye disease is a rare genetic disease, the incidence is very low, some children lack of eye tissue, and some children are completely without any eye tissue, this malformation disease is difficult to detect by B ultrasound in advance. And Xiao Ming’s aunt also said, pregnant women in October between the regular inspection, and no abnormal results. Like other newly born baby, Xiao Ming will often swinging hands and feet, crying loudly, drink milk, defecation, everything is normal, but the only difference is unable to open eyes to see family. The diagnosis of "no eye disease" is both cruel and strange. Facing a baby without eyes, the family is desperate to care more than despair. So, family hope charity organization in this area can help them, not in disarray. Now, the family is booking a third class hospital in Guangzhou, intends to give Xiao Ming to do a formal comprehensive physical examination, to see whether in addition to the eye, there are other organs problems. And when it comes to planning for the future, Ms. Liu says it’s hard to stick to it.

广州女子生出没眼睛婴儿 专家:是罕见的基因疾病   前几天,来自广州增城的刘佩华喜得一子,一家人都沉浸在宝宝降临的欢乐气氛中。但仔细一看,宝宝一直紧闭双眼从未睁开,医生仔细检查后才发现,他根本没有眼睛!哇,不是吧?到底怎么回事?   9月20日,怀胎十月的刘女士终于迎来了自己的儿子小明。但是,新生命诞生的喜悦感并未持续太久。家人带着小明去医院的眼科检查,医生的回答令他们颇受打击。   记者查阅资料得知,无眼症是一种罕见的基因疾病,发病率非常低,一些患儿部分缺少眼球组织,而一些患儿则是彻底没有任何眼球组织,这种畸形疾病很难通过B超检查提前发现。而小明的姑姑也说,产妇怀胎十月间都定时产检,并没有异常的结果。   与其他刚出世的宝宝一样,小明也会时常摆动手脚、大声哭闹,喝奶、排便一切正常,但唯一的不同就是无法张开眼睛看看家人。“无眼症”这个诊断既残忍又陌生,面对一个没有眼睛的婴儿,一家人除了绝望,更多的是照顾方面的束手无策。   所以,家人希望有这方面的公益组织可以帮帮他们,不至于自乱阵脚。现在,家人正在预约广州的三甲医院,打算给小明做一个正规全面的身体检查,看看除了眼睛之外,是否其他器官存在问题。而说到对未来的打算,刘女士表示再难都会坚持下去。相关的主题文章: