Hebe dissatisfaction with fans at the concert to see Ella live expect respect-brock lesnar

Hebe fans discontent at the concert at the Ella live to get respect – Beijing show stills in new network on 28 September, recently, S.H.E member Hebe Hebe Tian rude in micro-blog will cause a long Tucao fans, the fans singing in Hebe to actually "work" to watch live Ella. After the fans apologize and get the Hebe understanding, Hebe said she is not for who, just hope that the audience can respect the concert backstage all paid staff. On this matter, the live show good night circle of friends moderator Haiyang ridicule the fans fee flow". In the Hebe concert tour, a fan of listening to Hebe concert, while using a mobile phone to watch Ella live, and micro-blog pictures, even Hebe for praise. This directly detonated Hebe trial years of voice, she has been admitted to micro-blog what the audience at the concert video camera to the scene, not only to listen to the music made a circle of friends and the concert vision "in the eyes, stuffy in the heart", but this is really being stepped on the bottom line, the hope fans of "review and improvement". Fans of "body heart in Cao Ying Han", "good night" also let the circle of friends of the host, CNR Haiyang Oprah with consistent and witty style of humor commented, "how can you the fans at the concert live? More than a waste of traffic ah". Hebe also showed that S.H.E in 15 years of love over gold, never because who is more popular, some love a little jealous, just hope the fans can respect the performer, every staff, and want to see the concert seat next to the interests of the people". This also caused users of discussion, a senior Hebe fans said Hebe is ten years as one day the upright, because she is not the first time such acts of anger, not long ago a drama, Hebe has warned fans not to shoot slightly during the show. Many users believe that the Hebe "hand hanging" is the embodiment of the principle of fans and fans, searching, Hebe also reply "because that is their own people, so we have something to say". See Hebe Tian as one of their own fans, fans call the wrong person without powder.相关的主题文章: