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Real-Estate Pune has always been known as a pensioners paradise. A city that was laid back and moved at its own pace. A place that was dominated by large bungalows or row houses replete with front yards an ample parking space. A city that was used to open spaces and large homes. .e 2015, not just the homes in Pune, but the entire city itself has seen a massive turnaround. The influx of industries and the IT sector has brought a lot of young professionals from across the country to the city and this has affected the real estate buying habits of the city. Apartments are now the way to go, with numerous apartment projects rising in the city with each passing day. But has the longing for big houses .pletely disappeared or is it making a .eback? The want for spacious houses is something that has always existed, but has somehow been buried under the new era of the apartment culture. The massive migration between cities and from rural areas to cities has constrained land banks. However, that has not deterred buyers with deep pockets. While buyers in land starved Mumbai sought smaller apartments which would fit their budget and also their lifestyle, buyers of homes in Pune seek open spaces, plots and homes to invest in. The reality of the situation is that the demand for bigger houses among home buyers has been more than that of apartments. Plots are mostly demanded by those buyers who have barely been working for four to six years in the city.Moreover, buying a plot is considered a safer option as the price of land keeps increasing even if prices of flats and villas may not. Since young buyers with limited savings cannot risk with fancy properties, they prefer buying plots. Another big factor that is important to consider is that large homes have always been in fashion although they can be quite expensive. Buying plots gives the owners freedom to design their home the way they want. Plot based developments find a lot of takers and their numbers are growing every day. Pune has a lot of areas where plots are available, that too at a good rate. The outskirts of the city, specially places like Nagar Road, Shikrapur, Alandi, Satara Shirwal, Saswad and the Solapur Pune Highway offer plots around the price range of INR 5 Lakhs. Moreover, East Pune is now a much sought after location because of the low property values and the promising property rates which area slated to increase manifold within a couple of years. For instance, flats for sale in Wagholi now cost INR 75 Lakhs and to take the same flats on rent in Pune, you would have to spend anywhere around INR 18,000 – 20,000 monthly on rent. The capital appreciation has happened over a period of 5 to 7 years almost. So as you can see, the concept of larger homes is still very prevalent in the city of Pune today and is was in the early days. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: