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News-and-Society For some guys, being single means freedom and a life of leisure. For others, it’s filled with loneliness and emptiness. If you feel like you want to meet single women so that you don’t have to feel so lonely, then there is some good news or you. Any man can switch his situation and circumstances around and learn how to attract single women without blinking an eye. You might be wondering, where do I start to attract single women? Well, that is a good question. Most guys will end up heading out to a bar or a club and hope that they will just happen to run into some beautiful young woman that wants to hook up with them. But, we all know how that usually ends up. You spend some money, get your hopes up, and end up going home alone. How do you change that and what can YOU do to attract single women? Here are some tips that should give you a head start: 1. You have to know how a woman thinks. If you are thinking like a man when you want to attract a woman, then you are going to be in for a shocking surprise. The things that you would think would work pretty easily to attract a woman are not going to get you anywhere. Men and women are totally different in the way that they think about hooking up, so you have to know how a woman thinks and what she wants. 2. You have to know how to approach single women. Most single women are used to being approached by guys and they tend to dismiss any guy that walks up and tries to use the same lame attempt that they are used to hearing. When you approach a woman, it’s just as important how you hold yourself as it is what you actually say to her. The whole theory behind using pick up lines is pretty lame, and if you really want to get the girl, then you have to know how to use your body language BEFORE you approach her. 3. You have to know how to pick her up. When you want to pick up single women, the last thing that you want to do is to come across like some amateur player type. What you want her to end up thinking is that she just met some really cool guy that she wants to get to know better. When you pick up a woman, you have to treat her like she is someone that caught your eye for more than just her looks. Copyright (c) 2010 C Tyler About the Author: 相关的主题文章: