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Data-Recovery Windows Photo Gallery is a photo management tool included in Windows Vista. The tool also allows you to tag and edit the photos, organize the collection of digital photos etc. The supported formats are JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, and others. The tool is used for various professional and casual purposes and thus, the associated gallery might contain few of your important pictures. So, it is suggested to always have a backup and keep updating it regularly. This prevents you against any accidental photo loss. However, to Recover Deleted Photos, there are several third-part utilities available too. As an instance of such problems, suppose you use Windows Photo Gallery in your Windows Vista based .puter system. Later, you find some of your important photos missing from the gallery. You cannot find the lost photos anywhere. Cause Some of the possible reasons that can cause photos missing in Windows Photo Gallery are: You have moved the photos to some other location on drive. The lost photo items are hidden and are not visible. You have deleted the photos accidentally. Solution You are suggested to try these solutions to recover your lost Windows Photo Gallery items: Access the file search option from ‘Start’ menu and type one of the file types, for example *.jpg, that you have lost. Try advanced search if this fails. Enable the view of hidden files under folder options and see if your seemingly lost photos are now visible. Open the ‘Recycle Bin’ and check if it contains the photos you find lost. Restore the lost photos from ‘Recycle Bin’. If this is not the case, you might have deleted the photos accidentally and permanently. To recover photos in these cases, you need to either apply your last backup or use a third-party tool to Recover Deleted Photos. The third-party Photo Recovery applications can recover lost photos using powerful scanning algorithms. The software are quite easy to run with self-descriptive interface and also, maintain the original data integrity with read-only data conduct. The tools are safe to use in any logical data loss problem. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (Windows) is a reliable photo recovery tool that recovers lost and deleted photos, audios, and videos from Windows based .puter. The advanced software allows you to recover deleted photos using few simple steps. The tool is .patible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: