Hubei postal history exhibition hall 9 million yuan full page display the monkey stamp opening msvbvm60.dll

Hubei postal history exhibition hall 9 million yuan opened full page display the monkey stamp millions of dollars worth of stamps, stamp China earliest 9 million yuan worth of the monkey stamp full page, these people China the precious stamps for having heard it many times, yesterday unveiled the newly opened Hubei postal history exhibition hall. Yesterday is World Post Day, Hubei postal history Pavilion exhibited a number of precious stamps. In the heart of China philatelists, monkey stamps 1980 Gengshen is most familiar with yesterday’s exhibition 6 pieces of whole monkey stamp. Hubei postal service staff, as China issued the first monkey Stamp Stamps, single issue price from 8 points, has now risen to 20 thousand yuan, while the whole monkey vote is rarer, has reached 1 million 500 thousand yuan, the total of 6 full page display, the total value reached 9 million yuan, so focus on the monkey stamp the domestic rare. Another famous stamp exhibition is issued in the Qing Dynasty Chinese the earliest "dragon stamp stamp". Hubei postal service staff, the exhibition is at the beginning of 1878 full page stamps, shipped to Tianjin issued by the British mail, purchased in 2009 by the repurchase of domestic. The Dragon stamps because of bright color, moist gum gum, very rare, are less than 10 of global version, so each market to one million yuan, and the money can not buy. (Changjiang Daily Ma Zhenhua)相关的主题文章: