Hundreds of thousands of people protesting the cronies door Han Zheng Ying Bureau or watershed-haywire

Hundreds of thousands of people protesting the "cronies door" Han Zheng Ying watershed Bureau or the original title: hundreds of thousands of people protested against "cronies door" Han Zheng Bureau or will usher in the watershed of Xinhua news agency in Seoul on November 13th new media news (reporter Wang Jiahui Yao Qilin) 12, hundreds of thousands of South Korean people in the city of Seoul in the heart of a mass rally for President Park Geun hye responsible for "cronies intervention" event and step down immediately. South Korean media said it was the largest since 2000. Organizers said more than 1 million people attended the rally. However, according to police estimates, the actual participation of the public about 260 thousand people. It is reported that the official rally has ended at 22:25 local time, but there are still some people gathered in the vicinity of Seoul downtown Gwanghwamun square. In November 12, 2016, the South Korean people in the downtown Seoul area holding banners, park Geun hye down requirements. (Xinhua News Agency) the gathering of young students, including workers, farmers, the disabled and women’s groups and other more than 1 thousand and 500 civic groups. Each group by free speech, demonstrations and candlelight rally and other forms of expression of the current government and the park’s discontent. In addition, there are a lot of people in Seoul, ordinary people all over the country and even the South Korean people spontaneously to participate, including high school students and parents with minor children. The rally, the main street near the city hall and Gwanghwamun square were strictly controlled, the center of the city traffic paralyzed. It is reported that some members of the assembly was approaching 200 meters near the presidential palace in Chong Wa Dae demonstrations and sit quietly. The same day, South Korea’s top three opposition parties attended the rally. The largest opposition Democratic Party leader Akimi Ai said together, as Pu Jinhui continues to ignore the national requirements, will be launched its regime down movement, and recover the national constitutional powers of the president. The second largest opposition party National Party of the hospital on behalf of Pu Zhiyuan also urged the resignation to the National Park, returned to normal life. South Korean media said there are some members of the ruling new national party to participate in the assembly on the day of the individual. According to South Korean media reports, in addition to Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Jeonju, Gyeongju, and so many people that day also through various forms to carry out meetings or demonstrations, asked park to step down immediately. Analysts believe that, on the day of the rally hit a record number of participants meeting in South Korea in recent years, once again reflects the people of serious dissatisfaction with Park Geun Hye government. In two of the National Park and make a public apology, agreed to form a "national cabinet" and suggested that under the condition of not only failed to restore public protests, but there is a growing trend. Under the unprecedented pressure of the parties, park Geun hye will be forced to make a choice or as soon as possible, to launch new rehabilitation programs, in an effort to calm the situation. Thus, next week is likely to become a watershed in the current chaos. Recently, with the "trusted intervention events continue to ferment and involved in corruption in-depth investigation, more and more aimed directly at the park. South Korean media said the prosecution may start next week to park Geun hye’s investigation. According to Gallup South Korea, 11, announced the results of the poll, since entering in November, the support rate of even 3 of the Pu Jinhui相关的主题文章: