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It is vital for seniors to regularly perform some stretching exercises to reduce muscle pains and improve their overall health. There is no end to the number of health problems faced by seniors. Chronic muscle pain is one of the main causes of stress for seniors, since it tends to limit their activities and increase their medical bills. Seniors are re.mended to take some strict precautionary measures, especially to prevent muscle pain. Cause of Muscle Pain for Seniors Before going into the precautionary measures, it is important to know what causes muscle pain. With age, people tend to lose muscle and bone mass, flexibility as well as strength. As the immune system weakens, medical conditions be.e a part of life. With regular aches and pains, seniors be.e immobile and even the general activity level decreases. Inactivity is the surest way of hastening the onslaught of muscle pain and illnesses, which eventually leads to soreness and sprains. Therefore, many health experts re.mend stretching exercises for seniors. Regular stretching can improves their overall health and enhance mobility in a safe and swift manner. Stretching Exercises to Prevent Muscle Pain The following are some simple stretching exercises that seniors can do at their homes to prevent joint and muscle pain. To perform these stretches one would require three things: a non-slippery surface a sturdy chair (optional) loose fitting clothes Exercises for hands, arm, shoulders, waist 1.Stand with your feet slightly apart. (You can even perform these steps sitting on a chair) 2.Lace the fingers together and extend the arms straight in front. Flex them in a way of popping knuckles 3.Hold this position for about 5 seconds 4.In the same posture, with the outside of the hand facing inwards, raise the arms above the head 5.Bend onto the left side while exhaling 6.Slowly return to the original position while inhaling 7.Repeat it on the right side On the same line, seniors can also try another exercise: 1.Interlace the fingers and stretch the arms overhead 2.Bring one down and stretch the other sideways over the head 3.Hold the posture for 5 seconds 4.Repeat the posture with the other arm Stretching exercises for the legs and calves 1.Extend one leg in front, keeping that foot off the floor (Make sure that the other foot is firmly on the floor) 2.Rotate the suspended foot in circles, first in one direction and then the other, for about 5 seconds 3.Switch legs and repeat the process On similar lines, seniors can try another simple exercise to relieve muscle pain of the feet: 1.Stand with both feet firmly on the floor and hold onto something for balance if needed. 2.Slowly lift the heels up and stand in a tippy toe posture 3.Hold the position for 10 seconds 4.Return to the original posture 5.Now try standing on the heels while lifting up the toes 6.Flex the toes back towards the legs and hold the posture Stretching Exercises to Reduce Muscle Pain Despite following a routine exercise regime, muscle pain may occur due to minor accidents at home or because of health problems. For enhanced fitness, half an hour of gentle exercise, a few times a week is re.mended. Swimming can also prove very beneficial in curing ailments and promoting overall health. A good news in this regard is that, exercises need not be .pleted at one go. One can take a 5-minute break every 10-15 minutes. However, if seniors do not want to live with regular joint aches and muscle pains, following an exercise schedule is an absolute necessity. ——————————————————— Information supplied by Brad Walker and The Stretching Institute. Brad is a leading stretching and sports injury consultant with more than 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. For more free articles and information on stretching, flexibility and sports injury management, visit The Stretching Institute. 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