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Jiangsu Jurong Civil Affairs Bureau, former deputy director of drunk driving killed a mother and son jingfangxingju car license: Su AXL176 is a red Chevrolet car front has changed dramatically in November 4, 2016 at 21:30 PM, a grade of Su AXL176 car along the Nanjing Huadian road from east to West Long Village Road, and the same to the seven collided roadside parking motor vehicles (including six passenger cars, a bus), and hit two pedestrians. One pedestrian (male, about nine years old) sent to the hospital died in the night of death, another pedestrian (the boy’s mother, 30 years old) died in the hospital after more than six hours. The accident caused seven car accident knocked the vehicle and different degrees of damage (the six passenger cars in the parking state no car, there is a small amount of passengers on the bus no injuries). The car driver Zhu Mou (male, 53 years old, after preliminary investigation department of the Jurong Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau staff) has been controlled by the police, blood samples and urine samples have been inspected. Cause of the accident is under investigation. November 5th evening, the intersection of reporters learned from the Qixia police, Zhu has been under criminal detention. Reporters found that the perpetrators Zhu was born in 1963, former deputy director of the Jurong Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, in August last year as deputy director of the office became the director, is currently the vice president of Jurong City welfare enterprise association. Xu Chengming, director of the office of the Jurong Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Zhu "three high" usually do not drink, especially after the introduction of the central provisions of the eight, he was drinking less alcohol, even if it is about 22 die. Why did Zhu drink last night? We don’t know who to drink with." Jurong Civil Affairs Bureau official said. The Jurong Civil Affairs Bureau Commission for discipline inspection official also said that Zhu’s handling of the police and other conclusions for investigation. Traffic Police Brigade seven is under further investigation. Site event reduction – the scene of six cars, a bus damaged, the perpetrators will also hit a pair of mother and child, the accident happened? Reporters take you to restore the truth of the first car knocked down 1 (white car) according to the information provided from the witness screen Lu village bus station about 600 meters is the first scene so Mr. Wang was hit by the first car owner: "the car well, suddenly all of a sudden Bang behind there are more than 300 meters to the top from the side, he is very fast……" The car hit second (grey car) when the car driving to the village near the bus station and hit a car parked on the roadside "fast to go" on the hit third vehicles (buses) in the car to hit the grey street parked, the car crashed into the bus and then hit the platform waiting for the bus so the mother and son knocked the four car after car accident last hit four parked in front of the car, and hit a tree before it stopped the driver drunk driving so we recognize the perpetrators: I drank, drank wine 32. Reporter: drink 32 wine, you still drive ah? The perpetrators: can I drink half a catty, what is it? The perpetrators also said that the call on behalf of driving, but on behalf of the driver does not come, he drove. Was the child’s grandparents that relatives died the news of the death of the old couple was the child was 9 years old, just finished the third grade senior high school entrance examination period "you father bin相关的主题文章: