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Music Justin Beiber – The Young Dynamic Artist There wouldnt be many people today who would not have heard of Justin Beiber. The artist is considered to be one of the biggest stars in the music industry today and for good reason. Justin Beiber is a Canadian who managed to make it big at quite a young age. He had been immensely talented since a very young age and he taught himself quite a lot of music instruments like the trumpet, guitar, drums etc. The videos of his performances which were posted on YouTube caught the eye of Scooter Braun who managed to fix up a meeting with Usher who was impressed with this young lad and helped him score a contract. Soon, Justin Beiber released his first album, My World and the rest is history. The Immense Popularity of Justin Beiber Ever since his first album made it to the stores, he has been a huge hit with fans and critics alike. He has managed to score amazing popularity with fans because of his talent, his great looks, personality and of course, his unique music. His songs from the first album have made it to the Billboard top charts and he has been the youngest artist to have so many songs on the Billboard charts since Stevie Wonder. His first album was a hit in more than seven countries and in US My World made it platinum which is quite an impressive achievement. Women from all over the world find Justin Beiber to be very appealing and attractive because of his great looks ac.panied by his soulful voice. This young R&B artist has made it big in the industry. The 2010 Concert – Have You Bought Your Tickets Yet? Fans have been ecstatic ever since the news got out that Justin Beiber would be performing live on stage at numerous locations as a part of his 2010 tour. Fans have been queuing up to get their Justin Beiber concert tickets and most venues are predicted to get sold out. This could be a rare opportunity for the fans to see Justin live in action as he takes the stage and sings all of hit songs for his fans The concert would be an exhilarating experience and if you have not yet got your Justin Beiber concert tickets yet, you would have to act fast. People of all age groups are fans of Justin Beiber and are eagerly anticipating the big concert day in their city so that they can see their favorite artist up close and personal. Not many people get this chance and hence it would be a good idea to get your Justin Beiber concert tickets in advance and be a part of the action. Fortunately, you can buy Justin Beiber concert tickets online today in a very convenient and stress-free way through websites that specialize in concert tickets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: