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Lianzhong International released 2016 first half earnings of overseas income amounted to 15%– original title: Lianzhong international games released 2016 first half earnings of overseas income reached 15% in August 30th, the global leader in international sports intellectual Lianzhong (06899.HK) released in the period ended June 30, 2016 performance report. Our group’s revenue compared to the same period last year growth of 27.9%, reaching 416 million yuan (below). In particular, Lianzhong in earnings for the first time included in the overseas income classification — Lianzhong at the end of June 2015 acquisition of Peerless Group, in the first half of this year for the group contributed about 60 million 160 thousand yuan revenue, the total revenue of about 14.5%. Peerless Group is the world’s leading intellectual sports brand WPT (World Poker Tour, World Poker Tour) operators. WPT as the world’s top intellectual sports brand, the business covers the production of TV programs, brand licensing, poker online games, event management and WPT event operations, etc., its business model is regarded as a global benchmark. WPT world tour in North America, Europe and Asia and other countries and regions to set up more than and 70 races, at the same time, with the intellectual movement the world’s largest TV video library, and has the intellectual movement program ratings of the first in the Fox Sports, and has a depth of cooperation with Discovery and other international well-known television agencies, television programs have been issued to more than and 150 countries and regions, has a broad market share in the global TV market. As early as last June, Lianzhong acquisition of WPT at the beginning, it was widely interpreted as milepost Lianzhong group globalization strategy speed. A year later, WPT not only in the intellectual movement brand, content, channels and other resources for Lianzhong added new impetus and implement in real money revenue level, but also for Lianzhong considerably earnings. "The interim report shows that in the aspect of technology and Lianzhong online product expertise has been injected into the Peerless Group and WPT, the production of TV program, hold offline activities and other expertise also smoothly into thousands of operation. May 2016, Peerless Group for the first time on television to play the WPT Champions League championship. The WPT Champions League Championship for the elite Championship Poker, occupy the headlines layout, and attract the past 64 WPT champion in 14 years of competition, WPT in social media exposure rate rose sharply, including in Youtube, Twitch, Pluto TV and other media hits in the second quarter of 2016, an increase of 134%. In addition, Peerless Group continue to expand the depth and scope of WPT radio and television programs in India, South Korea and Israel to increase distribution channels, while strengthening the penetration of PlutoTV and other network TV stations. The disclosure of the above information, Lianzhong proved for the acquisition of WPT to achieve the perfect fusion. Looking to the future,)相关的主题文章: