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Liu Yan exposes makeup photos of 20 thousand people to cut the original powder not only rely on Tall Male Lead: almost all people know that Liu Yan has a beautiful face and hot body, is the heart of the people fully deserve "sexy goddess", deep V business line, air makeup, Liu Qi has become her words, but she the makeup of the way you have seen? (source: posters fashion network) Liu Yan exposes makeup photos of 20 thousand people to fly the original cut male not only figure almost everyone knows that Liu Yan has a beautiful face and hot body, is the heart of the people fully deserve "sexy goddess" chest big butt thin waist, charming smile, Indoorsman we always hold, every minute to kuangpen! But she looks like you have seen? Makeup is the highest standard, inspection of beauty recently, Liu Yan in micro-blog drying out of a makeup as fitness, often of heavy makeup of the energy-saving can see? Beauty is not beautiful to see just know! Liu Yan micro-blog exposes makeup photos of Liu Yan earlier in his makeup appearance photos in micro-blog, do not tell you this is Liu Yan, can you recognize her? Although the usual sexy charming Liu Yan is not like, but she looks more pure and beautiful Yan Su, a little less than make-up look like. Even netizens praised Liu Yan’s Taimei makeup, and users feel more beautiful than Liu Yan makeup makeup. To say that Liu Yan’s skin really like, smooth skin, skin luster after exercise is overflowing, and the Liu Yan style. In addition to exercise to keep fit but also beauty movement in addition to keep in good shape but also beauty so sexy body is also estimated nobody, many people will take Liu Yan as a vase, but she is a very hardworking girl well, others only see her beautiful one side, but behind the hardships only she can know. Liu Yan recently appeared to have been committed to moving, good figure is really a pay a return, no matter what kind of sport, can maintain a good body and promote the acceleration of 30+ The new supersedes the old., even if the skin is still supple and tender! Look at the stars of Liu Yan and those who love sports! But the body sweating detoxification at the same time, if the skin is not clean, dust, grease will plug the pores, the skin and oil and sweat, easily lead to acne and other issues! According to Liu Yan sports movement in the process of small Tips before exercise do not wash your face with makeup because of beauty and movement, even the usual love makeup Liu Yan know Yan sports elements! Because of the stimulation of sweat through the skin, the skin will produce adverse reactions. If the exercise time is longer, the cosmetics and sweat mixed, will produce dirt, will cause harm to the skin. Especially for oily skin, if the face is sweat residue or dirt, after exercise pores will be more prone to occlusion, acne and allergies will swoop. So, it is best to exercise before the full makeup remover. "Sexy goddess" Liu Yan movement on the way to replenish moisture movement will be a lot of sweat, more water consumption than usual. During the movement to drink plenty of water, not only conducive to sweat detoxification, helps the skin more smooth breathing. In addition to.相关的主题文章: