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Malaysia’s prime minister’s visit to China today, China will sign the purchase contract of 18 ships – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported: Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib today to the China official visit since he became the Prime Minister of Malaysia, this is the third visit to china. The eve of the visit, Malaysia Djibouti cashier’s visit will buy offshore patrol vessels from China news, the western media attention. "If true, it would be the first major defence deal between Malaysia and china." British "Daily Star" 28, said, the move comes as the South China Sea tensions and the United States to compete in the region’s influence on the occasion, which will be a blow to the United states". Reuters said, in view of Philippines’s president Duthel Te has "far beautiful kisses", Naguib’s visit will further weaken the US strategic goal in Southeast asia. 30, 2009, all Ma Guohua media have reported that China’s visit to China, a big trip to the. According to reports, Naguib’s visit to China will lead 8 ministers, the chief minister of state and Minister of state affairs, will visit Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Zhangjiakou, and other places in the world, and so on, will be able to visit the United States, the world’s top 3 countries. It is worth mentioning that the largest circulation of "Sin Chew Daily" and the "financial news" reported on the cover of Nanyang simultaneously points out: "the visit will sign the Malaysia purchase 18 aircraft China offshore patrol ship contract. The report also compiled Naguib prior to the two visit of the background: 2009 Malaysia established diplomatic relations 35 anniversary, Naguib’s first visit to China as prime minister; in 2014 Malaysia established diplomatic relations 40 anniversary of Naguib’s second visit to China, but the atmosphere was the visit by the Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft lost contact event covered. The 30 day, Ambassador Ma of China in Chinese Zainuddin in Beijing at the press conference said that the government and the business community more than 20 countries signed memorandum of understanding or agreement of the horse will witness the prime minister during his visit to China, including defense, relates to the field of economy, agriculture, education, finance and construction industry etc.. Reuters 29, quoted the Malaysia Research Institute REFSA senior researcher Lan Zhonghua said, Malaysia will purchase up to 10 offshore patrol vessels from China, each worth $71 million. Reported that this trend is the background of the United States Department of justice had announced in Malaysia a sovereign fund company suspected of money laundering lawsuit caused by Malaysia’s strong dissatisfaction with the government, Naguib accused foreign interference in internal affairs. The blue said, "in fact, we can buy patrol vessels from many countries, but in the event of a company, Chinese is only for us, this is our Chinese political return". Hongkong "Asia Times" 29 quoted Australia’s Lowy Institute for international policy analysis for the international security program Graham said, Malaysia gave up some military cooperation with the United States, but to buy Chinese arms, "these things will be integrated into Malaysia, regardless of whether it was intentional, it sends the signal: away from the United States, close to Chinese". Rao Zhaobin, deputy director of the Institute of Chinese studies,, 30, to accept the oriental daily interview, pointed out that the symbolic significance of the visit to China, the policy should be more meaningful than the meaning of the policy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Malaya. He believes that the controversial results of the South China Sea in July after the release of the case, the ASEAN multinational leaders have visited china. This may indicate that the east.相关的主题文章: