Man and lover living together after a month to discuss the rent to break up the remaining rent vstart

Man and lover rental cohabitation one month after the break for the remaining rent charged – Beijing Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) a pair of lovers living together a month after they broke up, he will know the former girlfriend to pay rent housing sublet out, Mr. Liu will be angry to each other and the real East Court two people together to return the rent and deposit. Recently, the Tongzhou court accepted the rental cohabitation, lovers after breaking up man petitioned the case back rent. Liu and Ms. Cui quickly established after the beginning of this year to understand the relationship between the love. In June this year, the two decided to rent cohabitation, after the selection of Lee is located in a residential area of Tongzhou District, a two bedroom. After that, Ms. Cui and the landlord signed a one year rental contract, rent 3100 yuan per month. After signing the contract, Mr. Lee to pay a deposit and the rent for three months by alipay. During cohabitation, Mr. Liu and Ms. Cui often trivial quarrel, a month later broke up. After breaking up, Liu moved out of the rental housing. In order to reduce spending, Ms. Cui house sublet. Mr. Liu learned that after the defendant Lee and Ms. Cui landlord to court, asked the two people together to refund the remaining rent and deposit a total of 7200 yuan. The case is currently in the process of trial.相关的主题文章: