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Marriage psychological: 5 big domestic violence back side of the male call (Figure) the male side of the big 5 domestic violence call back to the family violence was the most common way is to alarm, but this method can only be an ideal state, it is like hanging in the tree on the tip of a fruit, can see, but can not really get to eat. So, here, want to give a few sisters and are practical, flexible and self preservation "means", nor can be generally accepted, I hope you can have some reference for some groups of women are victims of domestic violence. First, with the greatest resistance and crazy response to the first time, in fact, there are many facts tell us that the key to stop domestic violence is often the first time". If when we first encounter family violence, just like going to respond, and let it just avoid the past, there will be more serious the nine in ten of second times and third times. As long as we encounter domestic violence, we will respond with the greatest resistance and madness, especially for the first time. Be sure to let the other side completely from the first "accidentally" and "reckless" in the wake, accept the punishment, deeply reflect their true pain for a few days, long memory, it is best to "fear", can not force hands after falling in the next. Law of the jungle is the law of survival of the animal kingdom will never change, get marriage and family to apply. Timid afraid of daring, dare not afraid of life, men have the superiority of violence, so women must have the ability to fight back the entanglement. Second, the knowledge of the decision is not back again after the implementation of the family violence men usually have two kinds: one is to be a bully, another is chiruanbuchiying. It is suggested that the two men must be treated differently. The former can be back, and must be back, even let resistance are much more violent. The use of one of the words is "tolerance to the wall, he will put me to death me, I can only resist the living space"! For the latter, women do not eat the immediate loss of what he said, let him say what, don’t talk back, to learn to understand the weakness, can be the reason why he is angry, make full use of geographical and other various conditions of the day, to help resolve the crisis under their eyes "". In the final analysis, the sky is always blue with the words of the home, the husband and wife to know the heart"! Third, his weakness as a hand, when the key is a popular family Cen flashed violent persecution of women, she had a record for a week to five times by the husband beat record. After many efforts still unable to divorce, she began to sum up the experience. Her husband is a very feudal man, his mother grew up in his father’s serious family violence in life, because finally could not bear the pain, the jump Dutch act. So, in order to revenge his father mother committed the wrong, their father and son laosibuxiangwanglai, two people for ten years without a word, the elderly elderly live very miserable. For husband.相关的主题文章: