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Massage point treatment toothache   toothache people eat bitter gourd better – People’s net Jiangsu window – People’s original title: massage point treatment toothache toothache people eat bitter gourd, toothache is not disease, pain up to life, believe that toothache people have deep understanding of this sentence. Toothache attack, often let people have a desire to cry, the following small introduction of 3 big points, toothache massage these 4 points, can quickly stop toothache. 4 points quickly stop toothache [Xiaguan point] gimmick: according to rubbing Xiaguan point, with the middle finger or index finger finger, put on the same side of the face Xiaguan point, proper force rubbing 0.5 to L minutes. Efficacy: dispelling wind and clearing away heat, relieving spasm and pain. [Hegu] thumb finger on the side, according to Hoku, the remaining four fingers in the palm. The proper force is from 0.5 to L minutes. Efficacy: dispelling wind and relieving exterior syndrome, activating collaterals to relieve pain. [] press this point four moment, repeated. With a little finger pressing force, to appear pain as the force standard, repeated this action many times. Efficacy: to ease the pain of teeth. [Methods] Quchi: exhale while pressing for 10 seconds. Repeated 20 times, the pain of the upper and lower teeth will be relieved immediately. Efficacy: the treatment of tooth toothache acupressure learn law, on top of the thumb can replace each other left. What to eat 1 toothache and bitter gourd bitter cold, bitter taste, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory detoxification relieve inflammation effect, when the incidence of edible, can relieve toothache. 2, celery and celery cool, sweet taste, with the effect of heat clearing and detoxifying, toothache can be used to drink juice, can relieve toothache symptoms. 3, asparagus, asparagus cool, sweet taste, has the effect of clearing heat and fluid, and wax with food, heat effect is more obvious, toothache should be eaten during the period. 4, mung beans and mung beans have the role of heat clearing and detoxifying, toothache patients in the onset, proper eating can slow down toothache symptoms. 5, plum and plum can clear liver heat, liquid production, water swelling, to relieve toothache symptoms have a certain role. 6, ginger ginger has anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, when toothache, take fresh ginger, bite in the pain teeth, can reduce toothache, don’t swallow. (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin) 按摩穴位治疗牙痛 牙痛的人多吃苦瓜好–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:按摩穴位治疗牙痛 牙痛的人多吃苦瓜好   牙痛不是病,痛起来要人命,相信牙痛的人对这句话深有体会。牙痛发作时,往往让人有一种想哭的冲动,下面小编介绍3大穴位,牙痛时按摩这4大穴位可以快速止牙痛哦。   4大穴位快速止牙痛   【下关穴】   手法:按揉下关穴,用双手中指或食指指腹,放于同侧面部下关穴,适当用力按揉0.5~l分钟。   功效:疏风清热,解痉止痛。   【合谷穴】   用拇指指尖,按于对侧合谷穴,其余四指置于掌心。适当用力由轻渐重掐压0.5~l分钟。   功效:疏风解表,活络镇痛。   【四白】   按压本穴片刻,反复进行。用指腹略微用力指压,以出现疼痛感为用力标准,反复此动作多次。   功效:为缓和上齿疼痛。   【曲池穴】   手法:一边吐气一边按压10秒钟之久。如此反复20次,上下齿的疼痛会立即减轻。   功效:治疗下齿牙痛的指压穴道法,置于上方的拇指可以左右相互更换。   牙痛吃什么好   1、苦瓜   苦瓜性寒,味苦,有消炎退热、解毒败火的功效,发病时食用,可减轻牙痛。   2、芹菜   芹菜性凉,味甘,具有清热解毒的功效,牙痛时可用来榨汁饮用,能减轻牙痛症状。   3、芦笋   芦笋性凉,味甘,有清热生津的功效,与冬瓜搭配食用清热效果更明显,牙痛期间宜食用。   4、绿豆   绿豆具有清热解毒的作用,牙痛患者在发病时,适当食用可减缓牙痛症状。   5、李子   李子能够清肝热、生津液、利水消肿,对减轻牙痛症状有一定的作用。   6、生姜   生姜有消炎止痛的作用,牙痛时取鲜生姜,咬合于痛牙处,可以减轻牙痛,切勿吞食。 (责编:黄竹岩、张鑫)相关的主题文章: