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Meng Jianzhu: further enhance people’s sense of security – Chongqing Channel – People’s net national social security comprehensive management innovation work conference held in Nanchang from 10 to 11. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee, the Central Commission Director Meng Jianzhu at the meeting stressed the need to thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech on strengthening and innovation of social governance and the spirit of the important instructions, actively promote the innovation of concept, system, mechanism, methods, and constantly improve the social governance socialization, legalization, intelligent and professional level, improve the ability of risk prevention, the construction of a higher level of safety Chinese, further enhance the people’s sense of security. Meng Jianzhu pointed out that innovation is an inexhaustible motive force to promote the modernization of social governance. It is necessary to deepen the understanding of the rule of social governance, to reform the vitality, to innovation to drive, establish and perfect in line with China’s national conditions, with the characteristics of the times of social governance system. We should co-ordinate the resources of all parties, and give full play to the positive role of social organizations and enterprises in social governance. To be good at using the market thinking, the market mechanism to promote social governance innovation, be good at organize and mobilize the masses to participate in social governance, good use of the rule of law to resolve social conflicts, regulate social behavior, good use of big data and other modern scientific and technological means to solve social governance problems. To improve the credit management system and supporting measures, so trustworthy, "all" trust "can’t do anything". Meng Jianzhu pointed out that in the face of traditional and non-traditional security threats are increasingly complex, to combat and prevent and control simultaneously, carry out the fight against terrorism, to crack down on evil forces, drug trafficking, robbery and theft and trafficking in women and children and other serious crimes, remediation efforts to combat the crime of fraud telecommunications network, promote public transport and logistics delivery enterprises to implement security system and measures to protect people’s lives and property safety. Guo Shengkun made a concluding speech, Zhou Qiang, Cao Jianming attended the meeting. (reporter Zhang Yang, Wei Benmao) "people’s Daily" (October 14, 2016 04 Edition) (cover: pure, commissioning editor?)

孟建柱:进一步增强人民群众安全感–重庆频道–人民网   全国社会治安综合治理创新工作会议10日至11日在南昌举行。中共中央政治局委员、中央政法委书记、中央综治委主任孟建柱在会上强调,要深入贯彻习近平总书记系列重要讲话和关于加强和创新社会治理重要指示精神,积极推动理念、制度、机制、方法创新,不断提高社会治理社会化、法治化、智能化、专业化水平,提高预防各类风险能力,建设更高水平的平安中国,进一步增强人民群众安全感。   孟建柱指出,创新是推进社会治理现代化的不竭动力。要深化对社会治理规律的认识,向改革要活力、向创新要动力,建立健全符合中国国情、具有时代特征的社会治理体系。要统筹各方资源力量,充分发挥社会组织、企业在社会治理中的积极作用。要善于运用市场思维、市场机制推进社会治理创新,善于组织和调动人民群众参与社会治理,善于运用法治方式化解社会矛盾、规范社会行为,善于运用大数据等现代科技手段破解社会治理难题。要健全信用管理制度和配套措施,让守信者“一路畅通”、失信者“寸步难行”。   孟建柱指出,面对日益复杂的传统与非传统安全威胁,要坚持打击、防范、治理并举,深入开展反恐斗争,依法严厉打击黑恶势力、毒品、“两抢一盗”、拐卖妇女儿童等严重犯罪,着力打击整治电信网络诈骗犯罪,推动公共交通和物流寄递企业落实安全制度和措施,保护人民群众生命财产安全。   郭声琨作总结讲话,周强、曹建明出席会议。(记者张洋、魏本貌)   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月14日 04 版) (责编:盖纯、张?)相关的主题文章: