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Million meters clapnet event 1 people were arrested – environmental protection – original title: 10000 meters clapnet event 1 people were arrested by volunteer rescue volunteers in the demolition of net pictures from the volunteers for the National Day period at the junction of Tianjin and Hebei illegal Fowler rampant meters clapnet caused several thousand deaths of wild birds, country forestry Bureau sent 9 steering group to Hebei Tangshan, Tianjin Binhai New Area and other places, to combat poaching and illegal operation of birds and other wild animal protection work on-site supervision, and resolutely curb the destruction of bird resources illegal and criminal acts. 1 suspects have been arrested for illegal hunting. The demolition clapnet million meters in October 9th morning in Tangshan will be held on-site supervision, Rural Work Committee of Tianjin Binhai New Area officials said, September 29th afternoon, Tianjin Binhai New Area of Hangu forestry station received the support of volunteers to report the discovery of vast places at the junction of Hangu and the hunting of migratory birds in Tangshan District of Fengnan. After a few days, the forestry department in conjunction with the public security department and the Beijing Tianjin Hebei bird protection volunteers, a total demolition clapnet more than 10 thousand meters, more than 2000 live bird rescue. In October 4th, the Public Security Bureau of Binhai eco city branch by squatting, successfully captured 1 suspects suspected of killing wild endangered birds. At present, the forestry sector has two public security departments and public security departments docking, will accelerate the mocha, lock chain, investigation severely punished, severely crack down on illegal luanbulanlie. Wang Weisheng, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration of wildlife conservation and nature reserve management department, the competent forestry departments at all levels should take practical measures to remedy the situation, the current focus, grasp the long-term. The investigation carried out a thorough investigation of the key areas, wild migratory route, to make clear the net and rescue work; cooperate with public security departments to do the investigation work, we completely cut off the sale to catch wild birds industry chain; give full play to the enthusiasm of public organizations and volunteers, to explore cooperation mechanism, realize the protection mechanism of coordination and interaction, information sharing. It is understood that the city of Tianjin and the Hebei Provincial Forestry Department also established their steering group, carried out the investigation on key areas, key route of wild migratory birds, and the next step to improve the protection of wild birds to make deployment. Fowler placed birds "in previous years, patrol also noted a beach birds, but not so large scale this year. Some net continuous hundreds of meters long, many birds have died by hanging." Bird protection volunteers Wang Jianmin said, Fowler equipment is very professional, equipped with a lawn mower. Some birds set in the reeds, concealment, the bird is placed around the trap. This year there are a large number of arrested birds Suzaku, Siberian Rubythroat, also found only 9 two national key protected wild animal Oriental angle?. It is understood that the volunteers in recent days around the clock to clean clapnet and rescue breath in birds. At the same time, the Binhai New Area set up 4 patrol team, in the coastal beaches and other migratory birds gather all-weather patrol area, focusing on the provincial boundary interchange, interchange and other key patrol investigation, clean up dead. At present, the Tianjin region and the Hangu eco city surrounding bird Seine has been cleared up. Volunteers)相关的主题文章: