Motorcycle hit the truck on the road to the motorcycle caused the death of four teenagers (Figure) – vidown

Motorcycle hit a roadside truck caused a motorcycle four teenager was killed (Figure) – Beijing Sichuan Luzhou news network September 26th news (reporter Yue Dong photo coverage) the evening of 25 September, Huang Yi Zhen wine Jiangyang District Luzhou Park, a car parked on the roadside truck with a bang, and to look after the car, a car the motorcycle hit up. Motorcycle ride 4 black men, their age is not large, only the appearance of seventeen years old eight. Saw them lying on the ground, motionless, passers-by hurried to the police. The rescue of the medical staff, unfortunately, 4 people died. The scene in the morning of September 26th, the Sichuan news network reporter went to the scene, here is the wine Huang Yi Zhen Park No. 3 gate, two-way four lane road is wide, relatively few pedestrians and vehicles. At the point of the incident, but also to see a pool of blood, roadside pedestrians to talk about the matter, all sorry. Mr. Wang told the Sichuan news network reporter, 8 pm last night, heard a loud noise, thought it was the beginning of what the opposite exploded, then saw a security ran out, just know a car accident. "A motorcycle crashed into a parked on the roadside truck, lying on the ground four people, blood flow out of the head, it is estimated that the spot will not work." Mr. Wang said, four people sitting on a motorcycle, wearing a black T-shirt, only seventeen years old, it is a pity that the eight. Mr. Wang recalled a video before the incident, the video can not see the scene, but can see the motorcycle through. Sichuan news network reporter saw in the evening 7:58 57 seconds, a flash from the front door and a motorcycle, faster. "The motorcycle crashed into a truck parked on the side of the road." Mr. Wang said. Before the incident monitoring from another eyewitness picture, Sichuan news network reporter saw a Sichuan E526** large truck parked on the roadside, the car has a reflective logo around a white motorcycle fell to the rear, four black boy lying on the ground, are stacked together, before the incident seemed to hold very tight. According to the city medical emergency personnel, rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm, try to rescue, unfortunately, 4 people lost their lives. Currently, the relevant departments involved in the investigation into the cause of the accident.相关的主题文章: