Nanjing city has been declared martyrs assailant stabbed to death on duty formally arrested Beijing -autobots

Nanjing city on duty was stabbed to death has been declared martyrs attack vendors formally arrested Beijing – dissuade Jeeves hawkers, urban management was killed yesterday morning, Tiexinqiao funeral home in Nanjing, in the autumn chill, from all walks of life in Nanjing more than 800 people bid farewell to Ren Keming finally. Ren Keming’s ashes buried in Yuhua merit park. At present, Xuanwu District is to the province and the city to declare the Ren Keming as a martyr, but fierce vendors have been formally arrested. This year, in late September 21st 10, Xuanwu District gold lock village street urban management enforcement squadron deputy director Ren Keming led inspections of the night, out of the lane and fruit stall Ge Xiaoyan advised car in front of the gate of Nanjing Forestry University, encounter each other against the law by Ge Xiao Ren Keming brandished a knife, a knife stabbed in the abdomen Yan approached discouraged, died, unfortunately, died. Ren Keming is 45 years old this year, graduated from the Nanjing Forestry University in 1997, is the first batch of Nanjing city inspectors through public examination after the entry. Ren Keming died after leaving his wife and mother, is the son of the sixth grade. Comrade Ren Keming memorial service held at 8 in the morning, the farewell ceremony, the provincial and municipal representatives and survivors of more than 800 people bid farewell to the last Ren Keming, the State Department of housing and sent a wreath mourning. On behalf of Xuanwu District Urban Management Bureau in the eulogy, Xuanwu District, the district government has been based on the heroic deeds and the life of Ren Keming’s performance, according to the relevant conditions to the provinces to declare Comrade Ren Keming as a martyr, and called on all Party members and cadres and the urban management system team members to learn from him. Survivor representatives said in a speech, under the care of the community, this unfortunate family will cheer up. After the funeral, Ren Keming’s remains were cremated and the ashes buried in Yuhua merit park. To attend the memorial service chief Xuanwu District Urban Management Bureau of sanitation department Zhang Sifei told reporters, from 6:45 in the morning of Jiangdong Road take a taxi, the driver that he was going to attend Ren Keming’s memorial service, said 50 yuan fare not, ask him to give his expression a heart. Zhang Sifei wanted to leave the driver a name, the driver did not say anything to go. In the farewell of the population, also has the object of law enforcement in the life of Ren Keming. 29 year old Liu Chong had suojin Village area with fruit car Jeeves for 7 years, and now he has given up Jeeves, engaged in legal compliance occupation. He said, in fact, every staff clearly Jeeves Jeeves seriously disturbed the city traffic order, endanger the normal market business interests, city sanitation and a great threat to food security. According to the management in the urban management department and other departments should be designated centralized management area, new Jeeves practitioners learning skills organizational culture level is low, lifestyle diversity, low income level, accept occupation training, so that they can be integrated into Nanjing, making relevant policy tilt, encouraging them to do a law-abiding "new Nanjing". Reporters learned from the Nanjing municipal procuratorate, September 27th, Xuanwu District, Nanjing City People’s Procuratorate to review the decision, according to the law on suspicion of intentional injury (death), approved the arrest of the suspect Ge Xiaoyan. Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Ke相关的主题文章: