No supervision and discipline strictly forbidden area is the fundamental guarantee

"Discipline supervision free zone is strictly guarantee Chinese Communist Party of the sixth session of the eighteenth plenary session of the Central Committee in October 24th to 27 held in Beijing, the session passed the" guiding principles on the political life of the party under the new situation "(referred to as the" guiding principles ") and" Chinese Communist Party Supervision Regulations "(hereinafter referred to as" Supervision Regulations "). Two documents a comprehensive summary of eighteen since the CPC Central Committee to promote the comprehensive vivid practice strictly, promote the realization of the political life of the party and party supervision system of standardized procedures, to promote the comprehensive strictly, improve the creativity cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party system provides more effective protection of the. (see A3, A4, A6 version) to strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, strengthen and improve the inner-party supervision is an important part of the party building under the new situation. This plenary session pointed out that strict discipline is an important guarantee for the whole party unity of will, unity of action, keep step with forward, is an important part in the political life of the party; adhere to equality before the discipline, discipline is no privilege, no disciplinary exception, the party will not allow the special organization without discipline and special members of all levels of the party; the organization shall assume the responsibility to maintain and implement political discipline and political discipline, and resolutely prevent and correct enforcement of discipline wide soft problem. The plenum passed the "guiding principles", is to firmly adhere to strict party discipline, discipline is in the front, with iron discipline strictly, serious discipline, discipline is important for comprehensive strictly, take strict discipline, discipline as one of the basic principles in the political life of the party. Where there is power, there must be supervision, which means that there is no danger of supervision or no supervision, which is a great danger. The plenum stressed that we must strengthen the supervision of leading cadres, the party is not allowed to have unlimited power, are not allowed to have a special party without supervision, to improve the power restriction and supervision mechanism, formation of power comes with responsibility, with the right must bear responsibility and abuse of power will be the responsibility of the institutional arrangement; no restricted party supervision, without exception, the party organizations at all levels should take strict supervision combined with trust incentive, promote the party’s leading cadres do have the right to have the responsibility, the responsibility to play, by the law, the default will be investigated. At the same time, the party’s ruling status determines the supervision within the party is the first one of the most basic, in the party and the country in various forms of supervision, the plenary approved "Supervision Regulations", to strengthen and improve the supervision and other forms of the party and the country, but also has important guiding and leading role. To strengthen and perfect the supervision within the party is an important measure to strengthen and standardize the political life of the party. To strengthen and regulate the political life of the party has created an important political condition for strengthening and perfecting the inner-party supervision. Not only should the discipline is in front, also want to take supervision throughout, only insist on discipline and supervision with both hands, strict discipline, strict supervision and unrelenting, discount, in order to fully implement the requirements of the party strictly task. Before the plenary session, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting in June 28th to consider the adoption of the "Regulations on accountability of the Communist Party of China".相关的主题文章: