Non approaching gold bull market cautious gold steady at 1124 to

Non approaching gold bull market cautious gold steady at 1124 to 1128 FX168 hearing on Tuesday (February 2nd) in the promotion of profits, the gold market was lower, but in the end, to promote the safe haven demand, rose to nearly $1130 an ounce level. Tyler Report, editor of The 7:00 ‘s Richey, says traders have begun to wait for January U.S. nonfarm data. Richey said: "because the Fed reiterated the policy coming economic data based on the performance, so the gold bulls were in the face of the payrolls data on Friday, cautious, that if the data is good, it will make the interest rate hike is expected to turn a hawk, so far this year upward trend in the gold market will be over." At the beginning of this year, the global market turmoil, the market has changed to the Fed rate hike expectations this year, think that the Fed will raise interest rates further to. Pavilion Global Markets report released on Tuesday said that in December last year after the interest rate hike this year, affected by the market situation, the Fed will be difficult to raise interest rates this year. Division Colin Cieszynski market strategy Markets CMC said the current solid gold in 1124 to $1128 an ounce, and below the 200 day moving average. Cieszynski believes that the next resistance level of gold will be 1150 to 1155 dollars ounce area. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

非农逼近黄金市场多头谨慎 金价稳于1124至1128间   FX168讯 周二(2月2日)在获利了结的推动下,黄金市场一度走低,但最终在避险需求的推动下,回升至接近1130美元 盎司的水平。   The 7:00’s Report的编辑Tyler Richey表示,交易员们已经开始等待本周五的1月美国非农数据。   Richey称:“由于美联储重申未来政策将基于经济数据的表现,因此黄金多头们在面对本周五的非农数据,显得比较谨慎,认为如果数据表现良好,那么将使得加息预期转为鹰派,那么今年以来黄金市场的上行趋势就将结束。”   在今年年初全球市场混乱的情况下,市场对美联储今年的加息预期出现了变化,认为美联储将难以进一步加息。   Pavilion Global Markets在周二发布报告称,在去年12月加息之后,受到今年市场状况的影响,美联储今年将很难再加息。   CMC Markets的市场策略师Colin Cieszynski表示,目前金价稳固于1124至1128美元 盎司间,并且低于200日移动均线水平。   Cieszynski认为,金价下一个阻力水平将是1150至1155美元 盎司区域。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: