North American box office Western the magnificent seven beat Captain Sally – in the Beijing Summit-soojin

North American box office: Western "the magnificent seven" beat "Captain Sally" summit – Beijing, China News Agency, San Francisco in September 25, SONY pictures Westerns "Magnificent Seven" (The Magnificent Seven) and Warner Bros. cartoons "Adorable treasure everywhere" (Storks) two film for the weekend relaxing billions of dollars 15%, rose than last week. The two film and last week’s "Captain Sally" (Sully) won the top three. North American box office Statistics website 25, statistics show that this weekend with $105 million at the box office before the three of the "Magnificent Seven" 35 million dollars, "flying" $21 million 800 thousand adorable treasure, "Captain Sally" $13 million 830 thousand. SONY pictures "Magnificent Seven" also translated as "the magnificent seven", a remake of the 1960 movie of the same name, by Anthony? Directed by Fukui investment of $90 million, about the United States after the civil war, a small village in Mexico to protect the villagers to prevent robbers attacked 7 warriors of the story. Actor Denzel Washington including?. Film critic CinemaScore scored a A- score for the film. The Warner Brothers $70 million animated movie "Adorable treasure" also translated as "flying bird" Songzi, also got CinemaScoreA- score. The film was deeply loved by young people, the site of the audience under the age of 25 gives a high score of A+. For two weeks at the box office champion "Captain Sally" relegated to third this week. The Warner brothers the $60 million film Hero, by Clint? Directed by Eastwood, starring Hanks Tom?, released three weeks in North American native harvest $92 million 390 thousand, $34 million 500 thousand overseas, has grossed nearly $127 million. Ranking fourth to sixth are universal pictures comedy film "BJ" (Bridget Jones’s Baby Diary), Oliver? A thriller directed by Stone "Snowden" (Snowden) and Lionsgate horror film "witch" Blair (Blair Witch). (end)相关的主题文章: