Old youth memories the Shanghai youth health company is very dinner with a tub dish borderland

Old youth memories: the Shanghai youth health company is very dinner with a tub dish core tip: that they can have a little talk about health, I don’t understand, they are general basin. While we northerners divided very clearly, Japan is Japan, the basin is the basin. And to my surprise, in the company conference meals, their truck all came in handy, what Braised pork in brown sauce braised tofu, and so on, Moo Shu Pork, prime in the big bowl. This article source: happy old man, it is the original, entitled: "the Great Northern Wilderness Chronicle:" my eyes of a friend in the South who say clearly, our youth in the civil marriage, established the number of nest? And who said that clearly, North and south to the educated youth friends, friendship often in how many people? Is the countryside youth movement, the southerners, northerners together, is a hard life and work have we made love. The company arrived found Shanghai youth accounted for half of the youth. I am in the three row of the class has ten people,, Shanghai, Beijing, two people, a Harbin people. Ha-ha! People in the south into the circle. Although in the north border, has been around in people’s life custom, surrounded by a infection. At that time the company all military. The workers have to queue up, the company meeting to queue up, or even three meals a day to go to the line. My most familiar voice is Shanghai youth, vice monitor Liu Changying hailed a collection of shouts: "two swing team! They put the team!" She is always the first to stand at the door to the room shouted, I think it sounds particularly interesting, followed shouted: "I was two, I set the team!" Every day to row five or six back to the team, every time to shout three or four times, count, a day to shout how many times? So it’s like a very deep impression. There is a song "sky full of stars, bright crescent, the production team meeting to complain the injustice. "Now the name of the song doesn’t remember. I found Shanghai youth sing and sing us is not the same time, beibeiqieqie, soft, deep, especially nice, ask just know they sang the opera, I tell them to learn. From now on, Shaoxing opera, Huangmei Opera, are of particular interest, love that handsome appearance and elegant. Nothing at home, often see this kind of TV programs, that is sweet and beautiful. The youth who work together as sisters, for a long time, everyone’s taste, taste Beijing, the Northeast language taste Shanghai doped together. I say the South smell heavier, so back to Beijing to a new job, I am often asked "are you from the South?" "Are you from the South?" Or how to go to the northeast is the southern accent, every time I have to explain patiently, in order to remove their questions. It is well known that southerners speak better than northerners. I think it’s about climate and geography. Cold in the north, water inconvenience, especially the remote mountain village, can eat water is not easy. While the southern summer weather is hot, do not take a bath Huanyi is not enough, coupled with the rivers and lakes water resources, water convenient, develop a good habit of love clean. I don’t know if I’m right. Shanghai youth each have a big aluminum pot, wash the quilt very.相关的主题文章: