Pinggu Beijing line planning to set up two stations in Hebei Metro City Center for 45 minutes seaway

Beijing Pinggu line Hebei planned to set up two stations at Metro Center 45 minutes – Beijing Pinggu line planning to set up two stations throughout Hebei in total station 12 via Chaoyang District, Tongzhou District, Hebei, Sanhe Province, a total of 5 transfer station newspaper news (reporter Lin Yan) Pinggu district development and Reform Commission announced the day before, determine the plan Pinggu line, has been submitted to the City Planning Commission for approval. Planning shows that Pinggu line length of 74 km, set up a station of the 12, after Chaoyang District, Tongzhou District, Hebei Province, will be located in the territory of the vehicle section of. Pinggu in accordance with the release of the track map, the Pinggu line will have 5 transfer stations, with line 14, line 3, line 12, S6 transfer. The Pinggu line is completed, will be the first to determine the rail transit line connected with Hebei. Unicom’s first rail transit line of Beijing and Hebei according to the current plan, Pinggu line length will reach 74 kilometers from Chaoyang District, the Qi Xin Zhuang Dongfeng Beiqiao all the way east to Hebei Sanhe station 12, from west to east station is Beiqiao, North East, north, Cao Zhuang Zi, Yan Shun, Xu Xinzhuang Yanjiao north, Ma Changying, Qi Xin Zhuang, Ma Fang, Pinggu, Pinggu and the West Bend?. It is understood that the Pinggu line will be located in the territory of Hebei, a section of the vehicle, covering an area of about 50 hectares; Pinggu district set up a car park, covering an area of about 20 hectares. The whole railway will be a total investment of about 23 billion 170 million yuan, will be built in the city’s first railway line connected with Hebei to determine the Pinggu Metro arrived in the city center only 45 minutes to Pinggu line rail has released a sketch, the whole line will be set up 5 transfer stations, respectively, in the east wind of Beiqiao and transfer to line 14, transfer in the North Ridge and line 12, transfer in caogezhuang north and line 3, transfer in xuxinzhuang and S6 line, Pinggu west station will also set up a transfer station. According to previous information published in Pinggu, Pinggu line will use the station express mode, after the completion of the Pinggu Metro to the city center only 45 minutes. The day before, Pinggu district development and Reform Commission announced that the Pinggu rail transit line planning program has been submitted to the City Planning Commission for approval, the City Planning Commission is carrying out a scheme for comments work. Due to the specific program of the Pinggu line has just been reported to the municipal government, at the end of the deal was approved, the final version of the line will determine what adjustments are still unknown. To the end of this year started yesterday, said Pinggu district party secretary Wang Chengguo guest "eBeijing", the relevant departments of Pinggu and the city is actively communicating, "want to get started before the end of this year". After the completion of the Pinggu line, will be connected to the eastern part of Beijing and Hebei, an important rail transit line. In addition to the Pinggu subway line planning, as the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development of the bridgehead, Pinggu in the planning and construction of the highway, there will also be new propulsion. According to Wang Chengguo, is from Chengde to Pinggu Changping high-speed repair, not only will the traffic in Pinggu as a transport hub, will ease the pressure of Chengde, "there are some connections, such as the Beijing south, and Jing Qin expressway, from the Beijing level high-speed Beijing Qinhuangdao high-speed and 7 km to the now, we are in harmony, for the connecting line of the 7 km expressway, do". Wang"相关的主题文章: