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PR As a small business owner, you have probably considered launching some type of public relations campaign. But like many other small business owners, something may have caused you to give it upwhether you simply were too busy or had no idea where to begin. On the flip side, you arent sure whether spending money to hire a PR firm is an investment you can afford right now. So what should you do simply let your PR campaign fall by the wayside? No because now, reputable PR firms are beginning to offer another optionPR toolkits for small businesses. Rather than paying for more expensive consulting services, a small business PR toolkit provides you the guidance you need to launch your own public relations campaign. Many small business owners have limited experience with public relations, and often this lack of knowledge keeps them from pursuing any sort of Public Relations Campaigns . After all, it can be a complicated fieldyou have to know how (and when) to write a press release, you need to know who to send it to, you need to know how to create a media kit and much more thats a lot to learn for a small business owner who typically has his or her hands full with their other responsibilities. Thats why the development of public relations kits for small business has been so successful. A typical kit will have an introduction to the world of public relations as well as specific instructions for a number of tasksincluding press releases, social media campaigns, and dealing with a crisis. In addition, they typically include templates for a variety of PR documentsmeaning all the business owner needs to do is plug in the appropriate information and move it along. This concept has a great appeal to many business owners because rather than simply outsourcing an individual campaign to a PR firm, working from a kit provides small business owners with the resources and the knowledge to run their own PR campaigns in the future. Working from a small business publicity toolkit empowers owners to run successful campaigns as well as helps them develop an understanding of the often confusing field of public relations. As a small business owner facing the choice between hiring an expensive PR firm or figuring out how to do it yourself, it can be tempting to simply forget about public relations and move on. Fortunately the development of PR toolkits for small businesses has made it possible for busy companies to harness the power of a PR Campaign without spending a fortune. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: