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UnCategorized Dean Martin grew up in Steubenville Ohio, with the original name Dino Paul Crocetti. His parents were immigrants from Italy so Dean spoke only Italian for the first five years of his life. He played the drums as a teenager, took up a job as a boxer, and because he thought he knew more than his teachers, he dropped out of high school in the tenth grade. He had other various jobs such as a liquor bootleg deliverer, service station attendant, a shoe-shine boy, a store clerk, a steel-mill worker, and blackjack dealer in an illegal casino. He broke his nose in a gloveless boxing match, which was later fixed, but also suffered a split lip the rest of his life. He then began singing with local bands, calling himself Dino Martini. One night in August of 1934 when he was the age of seventeen, Dino’s friends pushed him up on stage to sing, and the rest is history. Eventually he was introduced to Sammy Watkins who invited him to sing in his town. When he began getting noticed, Sammy suggested he change his name to Dean Martin, which he did. Dean married in ni.een forty one and four kids later got divorced in ni.een forty nine because of constant physical abuse to his wife. A few years later Martin chanced upon a performance with Jerry Lewis, who he had only performed with once previously. This time however would change his history forever. Their first performance of the night was not liked, and they were told that if their performance was not better that night, they would be fired. They decided to drop everything and make it up as they went. Jerry came out on stage as a busboy while Dean began singing. Jerry kept interrupting him by dropping plates, and anything he could to get a laugh from the audience. They concluded with Jerry chasing Dean off the stage throwing bread rolls. They were then invited to the Copacabana. Things progressed to the point where he began taking on acting jobs, not because of the money, but so he could learn to act. His movie career totaled fifty one films. He eventually became great friends with Frank Sinatra and later became part of the Rat Pack. His career culminated with The Dean Martin Show, which was a big success for over a decade. Martin died of lung cancer in ni.een ni.y five on Christmas day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: