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Son embrace 8 late mother river Laoke: when young she is holding me – Sohu news these days, the 51 year old Yongkang man Zhang Yongkang fire, he felt somewhat unbelievable: just as usual, holding a 82 year old mother in the riverside Laoke, this scene was photographed. Also sent to the circle of friends, a time to be a lot of people forwarding. "Son", this is Zhang Yongkang a few days up to hear the words, this is all his. Yesterday (September 20th), we contacted Zhang Yongkang, listen to him tell the story behind the photo. Son holding the mother in the riverside chat someone took photos of the circle of friends of the photo shoot, Zhang Yongkang is a friend of the parents. See Zhang Yongkang holding the mother chat in the Yongkang River, the parents are very "envy", just press the photo sent to a circle of friends. Who did not expect to be able to cause such a big response. For this photo, Zhang Yongkang has his own ideas. In 2014, Zhang Yongkang’s mother suffered from cardiovascular disease, the beginning is always like lying on the bed, bending his legs, and then legs can not straighten, gradually can not walk down. Since then, taking care of her mother is one of the most important parts of Zhang Yongkang’s life. "My mom couldn’t walk, eat food, nor speak." Zhang Yongkang said, the only thing he can do is to let the mother lying in his arms, holding her hand, more physical contact, how much can give her some sense of security." Take her to the riverside walk, Zhang Yongkang is often do. In the river, he will not stop and talk about the city changes, mother, talk about work life. Most of the time, although the mother can only use the tone of the "well", "ah" to respond, but Zhang Yongkang enjoy the subtle emotional blend. "My mother used to touch my hand with my thumb." It reminded Zhang Yongkang of his childhood, is lying in the mother’s arms, enjoying the warmth and sense of security to bring back the mother pat.相关的主题文章: