South Korean officials said North Korea had the Kaesong Park funds for the development of nuclear we sorpack

South Korean officials said North Korea had the Kaesong Park funds for the development of nuclear weapons – Sohu news [global network Roundup] according to South Korea, "Central Daily News" in February 13th, South Korea’s Unification Minister Hong Rong Pyo said publicly that the South Korean government held information that North Korea will pass the Kaesong industrial Park to obtain funds for the development of nuclear weapons and missiles. According to reports, South Korea every year to the Kaesong Industrial Park North Korean workers pay a $100 million service fee, Volume 12, Hong Pyo said at a press conference. "There are people who have been worried about, pay cash City Industrial Park may be used to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD), the government to master some relevant information to prove this point". The report also said that when asked whether the relevant information can be disclosed, Hong Rong Zhao said, "forgive me can not tell you all the circumstances, if the information can be disclosed, so long ago the public."". In response to the DPRK’s nuclear test and the launching of ballistic missile technology, the South Korean government announced on 10 March that it had completely interrupted the operation of Kaesong industrial park, and the ROK personnel in the park had returned to Korea on 11 th day. North Korea issued a statement on 11, condemning the South Korean government’s full interruption of the Kaesong industrial park operation, announced a comprehensive blockade of Kaesong industrial park and the military demarcation line nearby, and expelled all the South Korean personnel stranded in the park. Hong Yung 11 said on the day that North Korea will Kaesong industrial park announced as "military control zone", and the South Korean assets in the park to take measures to freeze measures to express "very regrettable."".

韩国高官称朝鲜曾将开城园区资金用于核武开发-搜狐新闻  【环球网综合报道】据韩国《中央日报》2月13日消息,韩国统一部部长洪容杓公开表示,韩国政府持有相关资料可以证明,朝鲜曾将通过开城工业园区获得的资金用于开发核武器和导弹。   据报道,韩国每年需要向开城工业园区的朝鲜劳动者支付1亿美元劳务费,洪容杓12日在记者会上表示“一直都有人担心,开城工业园区的工资等现金可能被用于开发大规模杀伤性武器(WMD),政府掌握到了一些相关资料,可以证明这一点”。   报道还提到,当被问到能否公开相关资料时,洪容杓表示“恕我不能将所有情况告知大家,如果资料可以公开,那么早就公开了”。   为应对朝鲜进行核试验和以弹道导弹技术进行发射的行动,韩国政府10日宣布全面中断开城工业园区运转,园区内韩方人员已于11日全部返回韩国。朝鲜方面11日发表声明,谴责韩国政府全面中断开城工业园区运转,宣布全面封锁开城工业园区及附近的军事分界线,并驱逐所有在园区内滞留的韩方人员。洪容杓11日表示,对当日朝鲜将开城工业园区宣布为“军事管制区”并对园区内韩方资产采取冻结措施的做法表示“非常遗憾”。相关的主题文章: