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Fashion-Style The madness for street style has increased due to the proliferation of fashion blogs online featuring the wonderful style of pedestrians out on the streets of one of the fashion capitals. True enough it has be.e a phenomenal hit around the globe and a lot of people has taken inspiration from these photos taken from the streets. More and more people are following the steps to dressing up to express their personality and creativity. Street fashion is what a lot of people are tuning into instead of the fashion magazines out one street stands and not even the celebrities are the center of attention. Rather, it"s a no-name person being in the spotlight even just for a while. In fashion blogs, people you see are practically just the average Joes simply out to see the day although, they are dressed in styles that are enough to catch someone"s attention. Fortunately enough, magazines and online magazines are taking pictures of these stylish pedestrians. From New York Times even to CNN, street style is now being included. Everyone really has a reason to dress up in ways when going out. There is definitely a lot to learn from the people you see on the streets and sometimes, it"s quite intimidating to actually imitate the style in magazines and it"s also more intimidating as the clothes in magazines are always labeled. There are those who are afraid to wear something outrageous on the streets but since street style has be.e popular, it"s easy and clear to see how others have managed to flaunt their styles outside. For people who have a passion for street fashion then why not join a contest? Wikifashionista.. has launched their end of summer street style contest. If you think you have the guts to flaunt your style on the streets and even take a video of it then check out wikifashionista../contest for the rules. The mechanics of the contest would need the video capture of your style on the streets and it should be uploaded on youtube. Once uploaded if the contestant is not a member of the site yet then he or she is required to sign up. The link of the youtube video must be submitted to the website and within 24 hours the contestant will hear from wikifashionista and once the video is up on the website, voting on the video will .mence. Most votes is the winner, join now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: