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"The beauty of Chinese civilization" "Li Yifeng" Yan Qi – Sohu IQ value on-line entertainment "of Chinese civilization of the United States" this week staged Costume "sparrow"   Sohu; entertainment news Hunan TV hit Spy Drama "sparrow" recently continued hot screen, has become this year’s National Day holiday a large viewing window. In addition, Papertrail infighting story of ups and downs, the audience is actually the most infected Spy Drama our intelligence personnel feelings and generous interests, they just as smart sparrow general flexible, tenacious vitality, for the motherland’s Anti Japanese career advancement, life and growth in nature. This week, Hunan satellite TV program "730 Chinese civilization" the beauty of your quest of ancient "sparrow", describes the development of China’s information industry. The lively bold, often places in the eaves tile between aka "sparrows", has been included in the national protection list, a national animal protection. The sparrow is small, but vigilance is very high, curiosity is very strong. 19:30 tonight, "the beauty of Chinese civilization," the "sparrow" for you to interpret the full range of sparrows, showing the image of the sparrow from ancient to present the course of change. Intelligence is a confidential information and report about a situation involving the military, political, economic, scientific, technological and geographical aspects of the enemy. The enemy can ever victorious. China’s ancient military has long been aware of the extreme importance of military intelligence. Flying kite, wild goose, and yellow ear, camels, arrows and so are the ancient way of information transmission. October 11th (Tuesday) at 19:30, "the beauty of Chinese civilization" with you through the ancient and modern, a change of ancient Chinese intelligence. Information transmission needs a password as a carrier. China is one of the first countries in the world to use the password to send secret messages. In the early Western Zhou, Jiang Ziya invented the "Yin Fu", which is the earliest ancient military code, "Yin book" "experience" and "Fanqie" code "analysis" on the basis of this invention gradually. Do you want to know the secret of all kinds of code in ancient China? Please look forward to October 12th (Wednesday) evening 19:30 "the beauty of Chinese civilization"! Then the profound password, but also the need for reliable intelligence personnel to pass. In ancient China, namely intelligence "spy" is today the Spy Drama "sparrow". In ancient times, the intelligence work in China has been in the forefront of the world. October 13th (Thursday) 19:30 late "Chinese civilization beauty" with you "spying" all kinds of ancient experience in espionage spy anchaoxiongyong! In the field of drama, high-quality Spy Drama always attracted the audience’s favor, "sparrow" is one of the model, these good drama embodies the core course of development of China’s information industry and the "sparrow" is small, but the unyielding fighting spirit. This week the "beauty" of Chinese Civilization series information and you will Be There Or Be Square!相关的主题文章: