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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews If you are shopping for a car audio mp3 player that has all the features you want and will not break the bank, I highly re.mend taking a look at the Sony CDX-MP40. This unit has everything you could possibly want and .es from one of the biggest name in electronics. Easy to install, feature packed, and a product of Sony electronics all add up to making the CDX-MP40 one of the best car audio mp3 players on the market today. An in Depth Look at the CDX-MP40 – High Quality Car Audio MP3 Player The first thing to consider when looking at the CDX-MP40 is who the manufacture is, Sony Electronics. Sony has been making quality electronics for over 50 years and this product is simply an extension of this. Known primarily for making high quality, solid performing products do not necessarily have all the super bells and whistles of others at prices you can afford is what describes Sony’s products. While car audio mp3 players are not really the specialty of Sony, they take all of their engineering and knowledge learned form other lines and bring it to this one. The CDX-MP40 will let you play either CD-R or CD-RW type discs so that you can burn you favorite audio files, stick the disc in or play. The faceplate will scroll the song information in text form across the LCD display. In addition you can navigate through your song tracks through this menu and select the songs you want based on a plethora of information. These tracks will all sound great through the 23.2 watt RMS, 50 watt peak four channel stereo. With seven dynamic preset EQ curves you can quickly switch between sound styles to find the one you like. In addition this unit has a Dynamic Soundstage Organizer that can make low door speakers sound much better than they normally would. In addition this unit also features and XM Satellite Radio tuner so that you can listen to you favorite satellite radio stations. This makes it the ultimate car stereo MP3 player. You do need to subscribe to the service, but it is more than worth it as you will now have more than 200 stations to choose from. The unit also does not include an antenna but you can pick one up for are around $15. The unit also features a one year warranty so that you can purchase without worry of having the unit fail. Sony has been known throughout the history of the .pany for the high quality of its products, so purchase without fear. As you can see the Sony car audio mp3 player has all the features you could want at a price you can afford. Most units will sell for around $115 or so, so pick one up and try it out today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: