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The British football world football scandal exposed major pornography – Sohu also need to comment more than British retired players recently revealed that they participate in football training at a young age, had been the club coach football circles of the sexual assault, the scandal immediately hit the British football. The National Association for the prevention of cruelty to children immediately set up a hotline to encourage those who have been infringed to call for help, within two hours, they received a phone call in more than and 50. (Xinhua news agency, November 25th), the three hundred and sixty line, the line out of the champion. Children can receive professional training from an early age, both the need for family economic strength, but also the need for children to play football. However, the British football scandal exposed major, persecuted children reach hundreds of people, which makes a lot of parents and children playing always on tenterhooks. People can not help but ask: who is to protect the children from sexual abuse? The major of the British football scandal exposed, mostly in the last century at the end of 70s to early 80s, affected mostly at the age of more than and 10 children, some children by the time the team coach for 4 years of sexual assault. According to reports, the major scandal exposed the British football has alerted the England fa. England Football Association President Clark has said that he has written to thousands of professional and amateur clubs in England with the aim of "acknowledging that the problem exists, and that we have to deal with it."". I do not know what Clark said, "in the face of these problems," what does it mean, it is necessary to have a thorough remediation! Not only the British football scandal, other countries have not only had; now there are also many. There are media reports of child abuse "soccer football has become increasingly frequent, and the hardest hit": in September of this year, according to Spanish media reported that Columbia "elcolombiano", a 44 year old football coach was arrested because of alleged sexual assault at the age of 14 underage players; in October last year, the Chelsea soccer school scandal, a the 31 year old former coach was accused of raping 1 young female players reached 15 times in 4 months; in 2013, Spanish football has exposed sexual assault of children in the football scandal, Las Palmas, a football coach, the court sentenced to 27 years and 6 months, because he is 3 children repeated sexual abuse; in 2012, a jury in the American state of Pennsylvania ruled that the 68 year old former assistant football coach Thaddaus Ki committed 45 child sexual abuse crimes, the major cause the sensation…… European football football scandal is not the patent, the Asian football is sexual assault scandal: in early 2008, Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture as a primary school football coach, has long been a disciple for gay sex abuse, parents of children were found after the accident report, after the coach in the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked confessed, and confessed a young disciple had long for sexual abuse to meet the sensory stimulation; in 2011, head coach of a Japanese primary school team should put hands into the 6 grade male disciples, but also before the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked last quite a long time, heinous crime means……!相关的主题文章: