The car smashed glass copilot 7000 yuan ring stolen value in the drawer-noreply

The car smashed glass copilot 7000 yuan ring stolen original title value in the drawer: put the drawer at the diamond ring passenger car glass smashed the Chinese daily news (reporter Lv Lan) the morning of November 9th, Ms. Wang lived in the city of the Century Avenue Guorun work found parked in the area outside the car glass smashed, placed in the car ring take wings to itself. In addition to her, there are two owners of the car also smashed. On the morning of 8 pm, Ms. Wang to the city district in state run to drive to work when found, the copilot glass was smashed, the car was also turned mess. To her chagrin, on the copilot’s diamond ring was missing. "A few days ago to get cold, I feel not convenient wearing gloves, wearing a diamond ring, he put the drawer in the passenger seat." Ms. Wang said. According to Ms. Wang said, the ring is spent 7000 yuan to buy. In addition, the traffic recorder was deliberately cut off. In addition to Ms. Wang, there are two owners this morning found the car smashed glass. Yesterday morning, in the middle of the district is located in the Century Avenue, the China Daily reporter can still see bolicha residues. "I have seen the car glass smashed second." Passing a landlord said there is no ground parking spaces, the owners can only stop in the garage. But the developers do not sell only rent, the owners themselves from the developer to buy over there, and then sublet to the owners, if the temporary parking 2 yuan an hour." Yesterday morning, the city Guorun district security monitor said: "the car is parked in the cell door, no monitoring. Owners are advised to park the car inside the district." The Public Security Bureau of Interpol team Feng Dong said a police on the morning of 9, they received the report after Ms. Wang rushed to the scene, is currently under further investigation. It is best to park the car to a certain security position. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: