The central theater air missile group rushed to the national day full of mounted training ground (

The central theater air missile group rushed to the national day full of mounted training ground (Figure) – Military – Baoding in October 8, the National Day holiday, when people with joy busy sharing circle of friends around the beauty and delicacy colored point of praise, the central theater air missile regiment of the officers and men of a certain people, in their the unique way ushered in the 67 birthday of the motherland. In September 30th, 11 in the morning, in the auditorium. I swear, obey orders, obey the command, resolutely complete the task of xx……" That meeting, the soldiers swore loudly. Group technology shares assistant respect for the child has not yet in full ahead of time, to participate in the task. October 1st, 1 in the morning, the railway station. The night breeze hit, the soldiers waiting for the arrival of the train. This is a sleepless night, the day when loaded weapon was soaked in sweat clothes, it is dry, on the body some cold, but we are still in fine Fig. The company commander Wang Yingtong left a number of "mother of the motherland, Happy birthday in the circle of friends, this is a memorable National Day", at this time, his wife is in the hospital to be produced, has been more than five days overdue. October 1st, 9 a.m., highway exit. The first echelon just pulled off the highway, encountered a special assessment team, "01, 01! No. 7 car front wheel "blowout", for emergency repairs!" "No. 7 bus stop at the road side, vehicle repair group immediately repair the remaining vehicles to move on!". Received the order issued by the captain of the ladder, the vehicle repair team leader Zhang Fengguo quickly rushed to the scene with the person, after more than and 10 minutes of emergency maintenance, danger excluded, the first echelon to reach the destination on time. October 2nd, 7 in the morning, freight station. A team has just arrived, haven’t started unloading, they encountered danger, "encounter the enemy invasion of chemical weapons, the soldiers immediately put on gas masks, anti chemical group two days ago has just held a wedding even the instructor Jeky received disposal command, immediately replaced the protective clothing with staff rushed to the scene. October 4th late 23, freight station. One echelon arrived at the unloading station, issued in the assessment group after the uninstall command, heave rain comes. Officers and men too late to put on a raincoat in the wind and rain in the beginning of the vehicle solid solution, weapons and lifting, tenacious fighting style, the quality of the strong will have been praised the assessment team. October 5th, 7 a.m.. A team here organized a special camp history lesson". On this day 29 years ago, the Department of Guangxi in the round of war to shoot down enemy plane Vietnam "MIG -21 reconnaissance, was awarded the" Air Force Missile Battalion. "The honorary title. 29 years later, on the same day, they set foot on the journey of a drill. In education, the soldiers have to inherit the "Shenwei" spirit, striving to be the guardian of air defense. October 6th, 6 p.m., a base. The last echelon arrived on the night. In seven days time, the part of the dozens of teams from the different directions in order to highway, railway in two ways, the successful completion of the troops gathered in the five. Tomorrow, the holidays are over, waiting for them will be a more busy day. (Cheng Shaolun Li Minghui Ma Yansong) to (Yan Jiaqi, the commissioning editor: Qiu)相关的主题文章: