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The DC drama "brother Tan" diffuse change "flash" "green arrow" exposed new photos "brother Tan" in season third Trailer Tencent entertainment news Beijing time on August 31st, according to the DC Fox TV comic book "brother Tan" (Gotham) announced the third quarter at the same time, posters, CW TV two DC diffuse to play "flash" (The Flash) and "green arrow" (Opera) (Arrow), also announced a number of stills each new season. In "brother Tan" published in the poster, the · (Ben McKenzie); McKinsey played by actor Jim · Gordon (Jim Gordon), will continue in this "crazy brother Tan city" with the bad guy who against these bad guy include Robin · Lord Taylor · (Robin Lord Taylor) play the "Penguin" (Penguin), Jada · Pinkett · Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith) played the fish (Fish Mooney) · Mooney, and Corey · Michael · Smith (Cory Michael Smith) plays the role of "the Riddler" (Riddler) and so on. "Gotham" in the first two quarters of the poster title is "the rise of the devil" and "the devil’s anger", "crazy city" is also the theme of the previous two seasons. In CW TV "flash" season third stills, Grant · Gustin (Grant Gustin) will continue to play the flash with all kinds of super criminals battle, Kennan · Lonsdale (Keiynan Lonsdale) played by Wally · West, also known as the "lightning lad" also appeared heavily armed. In addition, John · Wesley · (John Wesley Shipp), and Michel · Harrison (Michelle Harrison) play flash parents also appeared together, do not know if it is in the flash Barry · Alan’s dreams of the scene, and he again changed the time line, so that the father and mother of all come alive. CW television another DC drama "brother Tan" diffuse change will be launched in the fifth quarter this fall, with the disintegration of the original green arrow team Stephen · Amer (Stephen Amell) as the arrow, will also build a new team in the new season of the green arrow, and he will continue to recall their own the previous time, the memories of the place came to russia. "Brother Tan" the third season will be aired on Fox local time in the United States in September 20th, "flash" the third season will be broadcast on CW television in October 4th, "green arrow" will be launched in October 5th fifth quarter. (Frank)相关的主题文章: