The debt rate of over 95%, Zhang Yuqi married husband and not so

The debt rate of over 95%, Zhang Yuqi married husband and not so hao? Zhang Yuqi and her husband the new Express reported in October 28th the day before yesterday, the major media networks are Zhang Yuqi flash marriage message scraper, netizens exclaimed and blessing over, also appeared a lot about its current husband Yuan Bayuan’s true identity broke. Small after verification after combing, found that the current rumors have two versions, one yuan Bayuan assets strong, is the secret millionaire, and Zhang Yuqi lives in Shanghai high-end residential prices for the one hundred and eighty thousand and one flat; second, Yuan Bayuan is not for you to imagine the millionaire, the company last year, the debt ratio exceeds 95%. Rumors of a: the couple is now housing one hundred and eighty thousand and one square according to friends broke the news, Zhang Yuqi’s current husband named Yuan Bayuan, is a doctor of Fudan University, CFA, has many years of securities, fund practitioners. Worked in July 2002 Shenyin Securities Investment headquarters as an investment manager, investment planning department, Fidelity Fund Management Limited as a researcher, assistant fund manager, the fund manager, is currently sitting on a number of companies. Another netizen pointed out, the couple lives in Shanghai high-end residential Washington world, average house prices in the district one hundred and eighty thousand and one. Not long ago, the two also appeared together with real estate, there seems to be going to buy a new house, new real estate prices as high as two hundred thousand and one, which shows the rich. It is claimed that, in October 5th, Zhang Yuqi accompanied by the assistant in the Shanghai airport, slowly down, legs suction eye. However, in addition to Zhang Yuqi and assistant, accompanied by two people, two people arrived in the garage, and a mysterious man appeared, is traveling along with Zhang Yuqi came to a high-end residential Washington vista. To enter the area soon, Zhang Yuqi will travel again after facelift. And at this time she has no mysterious man around the figure, but with the assistant. However, they came to a shopping mall, Zhang Yuqi left the assistant alone, in the supermarket, once again to see the mysterious man in the airport, two people in the supermarket shopping conversation. In the two people were taken to the supermarket together for the past second days, Zhang Yuqi and the mysterious man came together with the car came to Tomson a product, it seems to buy a rhythm, a word is not to buy a house, or in Shanghai’s most expensive residential areas. Rumor two: Yuan Bayuan Ceng Chao 95% rate liabilities according to WeChat public, "read the new three board, Yuan Bayuan is the founder of Shanghai Jian Shang industrial Limited by Share Ltd, Jian Shang shares is a clothing company. The name of Yuan Bayuan of Shanghai Jian Shang industrial Limited by Share Ltd is currently applying for listing three new board. The majority of shares is established in 2011, listed on the new board in July this year for the completion of the share reform. As the majority of shares is chairman of Yuan Bayuan, through the two companies own the outside investment, the original investment indirectly holds 71.91% stake in the company, the actual controller for the company. According to the public transfer instructions show that Yuan Bayuan was born in November 1973, from July 1997 to date, has been doing clothing. The company has TOPFEELING, MJSTYLE and FISHOP three retail brands, as of March 31st this year, the company has a total of 433 retail stores in the country. Revenue 424 million yuan last year, net profit of $6 million 707 thousand and 300,.相关的主题文章: