The first Chinese tourists arrived in Crimea crossing the border without a visa – Sohu

The first batch of China tourists arrived in Crimea across the border without a visa – Sohu News Reference News Network September 13 daily west media said the first team consists of Chinese tourists travel group arrived in Crimea. The Crimea peninsula had been removed from the tourist destination because of the official position of the government of Ukraine to support territorial integrity. According to EFE reported on September 11th, the Crimea Tourism Department official Alexei? This is Chinese cherniack, visitors first official tour, the destination is to visit Crimea. According to the agreement signed by the two countries, these tourists crossing the border without a visa. Reported that, in the past many visitors to Crimea, the 14 Chinese tourists are not interested in the beach, but with the history, culture and food related activities. During the 6 days in Crimea, they want to visit museums, castles, churches and the ancient city of Bakhchysaray, and taste the famous Crimea wines. Crimea officials visited China in May this year to promote tourism, emphasizing the importance of the first batch of Chinese tourists to Crimea’s economy. Crimea officials hope the arrival of tourists, China can break the ice, tourist groups to encourage other countries to the organization to go to Crimea, which will bring traffic growth in the winter off-season. Recently, cherniack said, until September 1st 2016, Crimea has received more than 4 million 200 thousand tourists, almost 30% more than 2015 years and 8 months, including 1 million Ukraine tourists. By February 1945 the Yalta Conference and famous Yalta, local hot spring and the beach has received more than 40% visitors. The local government has set a target of 6 million visitors, who are confident that they will be able to book their bookings during the Christmas season, because in Crimea, there will be no less than zero degrees Celsius on the coast.相关的主题文章: