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Business In the coming years, China’s food and beverage packaging development will be the most obvious, and its sequence is as follows: A, for most of the new packaging, the main products are petrochemical-based raw materials. B, the further development of aseptic Plastic Food Packaging will reduce the need for refrigeration equipment. Some consumers believe that canned food is a high-grade metal product, and aseptic carton packaging is in the low prices and is mostly considered to be the low-grade products. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, packaging should be more effective, as long as it can save the food, the cheaper the packaging is, and the more superior the packaging is. C, more and more people are willing to use plastic containers and plastic bottles, and all these will replace the glass. D, flexible packaging materials develop directly into high-quality. The introduction of flexible printing and development began in the 1970s. Now we have been able to create our own flexible substrate and a variety of flexible printing inks. Especially the regularization production of water-based ink and water-based polish and it can be combined with other types of ink above sets of the same color water-based coating, covering the remaining toxic solvent evaporation; also directly contact with food to ensure food safety and hygiene. In addition, we has accumulated a wealth of experience in the printing process, and has been able to print out the printing of PET Food Packaging which is not poor than the traditional process, such as the well-known international brands, "Coca-Cola" and "Pepsi" and other labels printing, which have reached the international level. In China, flexible packaging printing has made considerable progress in the past 10 years, but the momentum is slow. From the perspective of packaging and printing professionals, bold innovation should be taken to the machines, materials and workmanship to actively explore and scale new heights. Only the out-class products are welcomed and liked by customers and manufacturers. For the majority of the food business operators, they also hope to emancipate the mind, try the new packaging. The flexible packaging can exceed and achieve better visual effect. has a high-quality and high-tech elite team, the senior management has excellent industry background, which operates in the international enterprise management mode, making the company keep pace with the times and become the leader in the packaging industry. The article comes from: ..china-softpackaging../ For more information about Plastic Food Packaging visit our website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: