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"The king of comedy," Zhou Jie recalled Fei Yuqing Zhao Lirong Lan Qin Fei Yuqing Le Jia also pay tribute to Sina entertainment news Beijing TV comedy "cross king" 20:30 Saturday night in their first playoff game. The show premiered, surprises Fei Yuqing Deng Ya Ping Zhou Jie [micro-blog] Lan Qin [micro-blog] Le Jia [micro-blog] the five cross-border comedy people are to join the comedy broker mettle, show from different fields of different styles of comedy. The first knockout is about to strike, brokers and cross-border stars this week only one word to describe the fight!" Lan Qin ten years of sword battle poplar for brother revenge in the period of Lan Qin show and poplar perfect fit, "" new Qiong Yao Meihua Luo laugh with tears, the audience successfully captured the heart of victory in the final vote. In this program, Lan Qin Yang still cross-border more than. Wipe away the tears incarnation handsome Western Cowgirl glamorous, and the "bully" poplar launched a wonderful battle of wits. To achieve the image of the big reversal. "Over" and offbeat humor belong to Lan Qin also attracted the audience bursts of laughter. As the first group played the guest performers, Lan Qin and poplar forest changed last week tactfully beautiful style, from clothing to show the western music back hot, wild and unrestrained, the full warm-up for the "king of comedy" cross stage. With the development of the story of the heroine Lan Qin appeared before and after the contrast of the image, the character of the contrast is really amazing the story of its clever idea. Poplar forest and Qin haze turned into front no longer, Lan Qin ten years of grinding sword "killing brother vows to fight the enemies". What is the experience of a blood feud or veteran killer strength? Will they be successful this week? Tribute to Fei Yuqing Zhao Lirong white Kennan [micro-blog] "the most ugly as a" hidden "white and Kennan trump last week, Fei Yuqing Peihemoqi verse continued," living machine "Fei Yuqing become one of the hot topics for the audience. This issue of "king of comedy" brother Fei Yuqing cross, and agent Bai Kainan for promotion again to challenge themselves, out of housekeeping skills — brother yijianmei soulful singing classic songs, singing non-stop, white and Kennan playing Cai Qin play women, breaking the image. It is worth mentioning that the white Kennan and Fei Yuqing’s show is around the "packaging" as the theme, the entire program is designed to pay tribute to the classic works of Zhao Lirong teacher "so packaging", the re interpretation of the works can bring a new visual feast, we can wait and see. Zhou Jie recalls the four "Princess" was "proud" about Zhou Jie, Li Jing China wonderful cultural group has kept the wonderful performance in the program face the harsh competition system also tense. In the show in addition to the continuation of this comic comic form, the content is added to the "old friend" "Princess" in the hot topic. Program to Chinese characters as the theme of the game, the novel form, lively content. Zhou Jie occasionally "Princess" popular queen let mammy pulled out to entertain is brought laughter to the audience. Deng Ya Ping Le Jia Huang Xiaolei Xie mentor rare tears [micro-blog] to mobile phone syndrome. In addition, in the program table!相关的主题文章: