The man suspected of drug accident caused by a knife assaulting two police officers were injured – S

The man suspected of drug accident caused by a knife assaulting two police officers were injured – Sohu of Yunnan News Network (reporter Yang Zhihui) the day before, a man suspected of drug abuse after a traffic accident, suddenly a knife attacked two police police, killing two police chest, head, hand and leg injuries. The man was subdued and detained by the police on the spot. According to the Chuxiong Public Security Bureau information office bulletin, October 28th at 3:18 in the morning, the Chuxiong Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Chuda highway Traffic and patrol police brigade received Nanhua County Public Security Bureau 110 Command Center: Chuda highway Chuxiong to Dali direction K32 km road (South County Shaqiao town Tian Xin Road), a car license plate for parking the white cloud L210AV Changan brand SUV, damaged the front, the driver sitting in the car, the suspect for a traffic accident, please go to the disposal. After receiving the alarm, Chu Highway Patrol brigade two duty officers rushed to the scene disposal. At 3:35 PM, police officers arrived near the scene, found the car license plate for cloud L210AV white Changan brand SUV parked in the right lane, the driver inside the car only 1 people, in order to prevent the occurrence of the two accident, the police officers immediately on the scene to take protective measures for safety warning. In the exploration of the scene, the police officers understand the situation to sit in the car driver, and show the people’s police asked her to get off with the investigation work permit. But ask the man in the incoherent, trance, door, windows closed, refused to get off work. In order to avoid the long time occupation of the roadway, the police officers deployed to the scene to assist the trailer, and the relevant information on the car to check verification, confirmed the car driver named Duan Mou (male, aged 31, Dali Weishan county), is the owner of the car. The trailer arrived at the scene, police officers and certain drivers continue to communicate, but still refused to cooperate with the certain segment. Due to certain abnormal reaction, the police officers also were reported to the brigade, the request of Nanhua County Public Security Bureau sent police to the scene. Two police officers also continue to communicate with a certain segment, and observe certain trends in the vicinity of the vehicle. 5:19, while police officers call to inform the scene when police reinforcements, certain off to open the door. Because the past vehicle speed, to prevent accidents on the road, the police officers immediately approached certain persuasion section. When the police officers approached certain police officers suddenly knife attacks, and then fled the scene. The attack resulted in a police officers hands, left leg injury, injured another head of the police, two people were injured in her hands, after the pain, the suspect of the chase. Nanhua County Public Security Bureau and the Chu Traffic and patrol police reinforcements quickly after reaching the scene, the injured to hospital for treatment, and immediately arrested at the scene. 6:50, the suspect was arrested in the vicinity of the section of the police. After inspection, certain urine methamphetamine positive, the case is under further investigation. At present, the suspect Moumou on suspicion of obstruction of official business segment has been Nanhua County Public Security Bureau of criminal detention.相关的主题文章: