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The mother found a happy family secret: throw away all the toys children — Guangxi channel — original title: the mother found a happy family secret: throw away all the toys of children according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that recently, the United States of Arkansas, 29 year old mother avery? Sadza card (Allie Casazza) while her 4 children not at home, they will all the toys were thrown into the trash, since then, they have more time to one family together, life more happy. It is reported that avery has been about to organize children’s toys. Once, when the children were out, she threw all the toys out of the house without permission. The children came back, not only angry, but very much agree with the mother’s practice. Since then, the family has saved 1000 dollars per month (about 6670 yuan), which makes avery very happy. No iRiver toys, children and her husband Blaine (Brian) the relationship between the more closely, they often go out together on the weekend holiday, one family enjoyable. Two years later, Blaine brought the family’s "no junk" policy into the company, and achieved very good results. (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)

美母亲发现快乐家庭秘诀:扔掉孩子所有玩具–人民网广西频道–人民网 原标题:美母亲发现快乐家庭秘诀:扔掉孩子所有玩具 据英国《每日邮报》报道,近日,美国阿肯色州29岁的母亲艾利?卡萨扎(Allie Casazza)趁自己的4个孩子不在家,将他们所有的玩具都扔进了垃圾桶,从此,他们一家人有了更多的时间在一起,生活变得更加幸福。 据悉,艾利一直在为要整理孩子们的玩具而发愁。一次,在孩子们外出的时候,她私自把家里的所有玩具都扔掉了。孩子们回来后,不但没有生气,反而很赞成妈妈的做法。从那以后,家里每个月还节省下来1000美元(约合人民币6670元)的开支,这令艾利非常开心。 没了玩具之后,艾利和孩子们还有丈夫布莱恩(Brian)之间的关系更密切了,他们经常会在周末一起出去度假,一家人其乐融融。两年之后,布莱恩将家里的“无杂物”政策带进了公司,也取得了非常好的效果。 (责编:庞冠华、陈露露)相关的主题文章: