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Red spirit forever (new story long road?) – Military – "on January 15, 1935 to 17, in this small room held a meeting in Zunyi, in the extremely critical historical juncture, to save the party and saved the Red Army, save the China revolution……" Zunyi City, Yin Road No. 96, Zunyi meeting site, with such explanation on a daily basis. The great historical events of the long march of the Red Army are like rolling waves, stirring the hearts of people. In 81 years time, the Central Red Army in the north of the earth in more than 3 months, more than 4000 Zunyi children hesitate to participate in the Red Army, for the China revolution to victory made tremendous sacrifice and contribution. Through 81 years time, the red revolutionary spirit shine gene be handed down from age to age. The old Red Army Long March early autumn in Zunyi, the Xiangjiang river flowing through the city. The people of Zunyi city streets of the Red Army, often encounter a man walking on crutches, he is 96 year old red Li Guang. Li Guang is Zunyi people, 14 year old went to the Red Army in the Long March, extremely hard and bitter. Memories of the Long March, the old man said: the Long March, take a step forward, at any time there is the possibility of sacrifice." In 1985, Li Guang retired, but he did not stop the pace of struggle. From late 90s onwards, Li Guang usually live frugally money, has donated to the more than and 10 primary and secondary schools. Over the past 20 years, Li Guang has funded more than 1000 poor children in rural areas, donations amounted to more than 40 yuan. In addition to donate, Li Guang also insist on compulsory lecture reports for young people. Site of the Zunyi meeting, the Red Army martyrs cemetery, loushanguan…… Li Guang again and again to young people about the long march of the Red Army climb mountains, over the grass in the story about the revolutionary martyrs of bloodshed, hard pioneer’s heroic deeds, with their own personal experience to tell young people, without the Communist Party there would be no new China. In 30 years, the Li Guang revolution of the traditional education of thousands of matches, the education of young people up to tens of thousands of people. Li Guang said, "as long as I can tell, it is necessary to tell these stories to young people, so that there has not been a baptism of war generation after generation, continue to carry forward the spirit of the long march." Red ribbon of writing a new spirit of Dragon Mountain Red Army martyrs cemetery, the grave of a red army and a bronze statue, silent tells a touching story. In January 1935, the red army arrived in Zunyi, a young member of health for the villagers to cure, accidentally out of the Red Army, catch troops, unfortunately killed by the enemy, at the age of 18. Health workers after the sacrifice, old people braved the risk of decapitation, quietly buried his body. Because I do not know the name of the Red Army soldiers, had to engrave on the tombstone of the Red Army tomb three words, and called him "Xiao hong". "After the research, the health worker named Long Siquan, male, Guangxi, 1990, the local people used female Red Army medic image of the statue for him, and in 2014 the reshaping of this statue, in front of the tomb erected a reappearance of historical facts, to comfort the martyrs, inheritance of the spirit of the Red Army, that inspire future generations." Yang Su, a spokesman for the Zunyi conference hall. "Dragon Siquan deeds and fine)相关的主题文章: