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The signing of the logistics agreement, the United States and the United States is actually difficult to approach the surface prosperity? – after more than ten years of negotiations, the United States and India, 29, finally signed a memorandum of agreement on the exchange of logistics. This means that the two countries will be able to use the military’s military base in the future logistics operations, the two sides defense cooperation on a new level. However, experts pointed out that the US India signed an agreement when the "99", the United States is fierce battle troops of the India "s problem also reflects the deep-seated contradictions in the relations between the two countries around". Behind the prosperity of the surface of a group of cooperation, but it is difficult to really close to the u.s.. In 2004, the U.S. Department of defense for the first time proposed to the India defense ministry, the two armies to provide military logistics support to each other". However, until this year, after 12 years of negotiations with the prospect. 29 days after signing the agreement, the United States Secretary of defense Ashton? Carter and visiting India’s defense minister Ma Lo Hal? Parry Carle at a joint news conference welcomed. According to the agreement, the US India military will be able to use the other countries in the future of the army, navy and air force base, supply, maintenance and repair for military personnel and equipment. On the basis of mutual benefit, the two countries can obtain military support for each other in addition to offensive weapons through "accounting". U.S. warplanes and warships, if necessary, can use the India airport or port, greatly facilitate the United States out of the India ocean. Carter said at the press conference, after the signing of the agreement will make the joint operations of the logistics support becomes more simple and efficient". Parica M said that this agreement will enable the United States and India in the joint implementation of humanitarian relief or drill, mutual support becomes easier. In addition to the memorandum of exchange agreement, the United States is also seeking to reach two other basic agreement with India, the two sides on the communication and exchange of land, sea and air data. Since the war in Afghanistan in 2001, the U.S. – India military cooperation began to deepen. Especially in recent years, the two countries frequent military interaction, the total increase in cooperation in the mouth. On the face of it, the largest source of arms procurement in India has become the United States from Russia, the United States has become the most frequent joint military exercises in India partner. However, the two sides to strengthen cooperation is not considered behind the consideration. Observers pointed out that the United States actively promote military cooperation with India, to establish a global strategic layout in the "Asia pivot", the service center of gravity eastward global strategic layout. While India is the emphasis on military technology, equipment, weapons transfer levels of cooperation, the establishment of a modern national defense industry, while promoting the government’s India manufacturing program. No consistent strategic objectives under the condition of the United States and India in the negotiations did not hit it off". India’s ruling centre left government has made it clear that it will not sign a similar agreement, saying that such an agreement would undermine India’s strategic sovereignty, or India could be pulled into the u.s.. The most controversial point is that the opposition and many people in India, the United States is also worried that after the signing of the agreement can be stationed in the United States Army base in India. Even if the agreement has been signed, Carter相关的主题文章: