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The true worth! What is the sequel of the game series smashing signs only need a sequel to destroy a series of "biochemical crisis" (Resident Evil) at this point did well. Video games are not usually just a single piece of work, as the cost of game development is getting higher and higher, the publisher also admitted that the new work if there is no potential to develop into a suction gold series, they will not invest. Even though there are some exceptions, but as long as there is a large coffee game publishers, developers and publishers will spare no effort to create a variety of hot extrusion, although often superfluous. In most cases, the final game of the series should be back to the finale, but these companies will want all kinds of reasons to these popular hero back to the spotlight. Bad luck or players, which means that the series had been loved may be due to this piece of rat feces was blacklisted by the industry. The developer is unable to capture the first edition of the essence or simply do not understand its charm, some try their only hit the entire game signs. 10 "(Devil May Cry)" our Tencent will continue to collaborate with CAPCOM OL not far cry! "Devil May Cry 5" is approaching? CAPCOM fiscal year 2016 plan exposure Yan Meifeng Ting actress "stage" devil may cry under the table when riding the "self" Devil May Cry cut slash kill wave, the controversial appears in the horizon, not all people are attracted by the re shaping of the protagonist Dante, on the contrary, the new game to subvert the previous creation passionate people. Although the "Devil May Cry 4 (Devil Cry 4 May)" the entire series of entry timing is appropriate, but in people’s imagination and the sequel to far. Although third is considered in the second film bad after a slight return, but they all failed to live up to the first edition of the good start. So, it’s not a bad idea to start with brevity, but it’s too early to make it happen. There are still a lot of fans worried about their new direction, because other players have been reluctant to spend time on the game. As a result, the game was sold, we estimated a long time not to see any version of Dante. 9 "Dragon Age 2 (Dragon Age 2)" "dragon" to the new century? Producers of mysterious pamphlets cited speculation that the "dragon" of the 2 century return spent great effort, although the developers Bioware used to RPG elements in the game he streamlined, prominent elements, but the "Dragon Age 2" or too lean, leading to the game’s size and ambitions are affected. Therefore, second people think only a small part of the first edition of inherited characteristics. Repetitive tasks and the same scene, the design of the entire game world will make people feel most of the time spent in such a monotonous urban scene and the imagination of the dungeon design. But this is not just technical limitations affect the "Dragon Age 2", but the whole story of the game scale. Although the game is very large in the time span,.相关的主题文章: