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The twenty-third Beijing International Book Fair closing   new high copyright output – the media – original title: the twenty-third session of the Beijing International Book Fair closing high copyright output during the 5 days of the twenty-third Beijing International Book Fair (hereinafter referred to as Tibet will be closed today). Preliminary statistics, this figure fair foreign copyright trade agreement reached a total of 5018, an increase of 6.3%. Among them, to achieve various types of copyright output and cooperation agreement 3075 (including cooperative Publishing), an increase of 6.5%; reached an agreement to introduce the agreement, an increase of 5.9%; the introduction of the output ratio of 1: 1.58. This figure fair exhibition scale a new high, sustained and stable growth of core indicators, the world’s second largest book fair status is more stable. Among them, the total exhibition area reached 78600 square meters, an increase of 19%; participating countries and regions reached 86, an increase of 4.8%; the exhibitors reached 2407, an increase of 4.3%; a total of 1379 overseas exhibitors publishing institutions from Britain, France and the United States, South Korea, Japan, India and other countries, growth of 5.7%. The 16 countries of Eastern Europe and served as the host country will tibet. 5 days, Tibet exhibition about 300000 fine books, held more than 1 thousand cultural exchange activities, the exhibition number of nearly 300 thousand people. In the field of International Book Fair, Tibet is one of the platform will deal a par with Frankfurt and London Book Fair is the world’s three largest copyright trade, copyright trading platform is the largest domestic publishing entrepreneur in front of the most affordable. This year will reach Tibet output and all kinds of copyright co Publishing Agreement 3075, a record high. Subject class, children’s class, literature, culture and education, economics, philosophy books ranked in the forefront of output. Zhejiang people’s Publishing House of the "Chinese road and China" China dream dream "and the development of Zhejiang" theme books, output to Germany, South Korea and Russia, India, Albania and other countries; Renmin University of China press the "one party" and part of literary class book output to Kazakhstan, Israel, South Korea and other countries. Guangxi Normal University press in Tibet will be officially announced the successful acquisition of British ACC publishing group, international publishing to complete the layout of the whole industry chain. Anhui Times Publishing Group reached a cooperation agreement with the Spanish blue bottle biz e-book platform to achieve digital publishing copyright trade. (reporter Zhang He) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: