Too much! Why did Sha Yi and his father and son in Anji have such a

Too much! Why did Sha Yi and his father and son in Anji have such a circle? The Sina eight film and television entertainment column boiled deep yesterday in addition to chop hand day is child dog days! However, Babawanwan goose unexpectedly, that was two do not add up to ten year old children for a mouthful of food. Pull Arale hand at the moment, Anji once again demonstrated his super boyfriend force. Before a few period when Arale help push the tire is handsome and warm ah what the melody. Finally understand why hot so many fans rushed to Hu He micro-blog shout "mother-in-law". This season’s "daddy go" although only webcasting, but they should not be overlooked. The six children are all cute at all, but when it comes to the popularity of the counter attack, not the son of Sha Yi Anji. I am Ange Toshiki, small Song Joong Ki northeast division line, but everything is a 24K man. Looks like the Northeast Song Joong Ki gather together and Arale CP got your dad Sha Yi but in a show at the latest, we 24K pure yemen’er as Anji should cry to not take care of themselves. Cry is the reason Anji has chosen the 1 room to let go, finally only got room 2 of the dirty broken. Sha Yi this isn’t happy, all the way over Anji. The Anji was wronged cry, this charming little smoke voice choked cry ah, really let people love. Dad said, sometimes you are too arbitrary to know. Anji while crying, arbitrary is what ah. The little expression of injustice to see the people are soft. This netizen analysis: Anji to house 1. Not too bad, but Sha Yi said the start of 5, especially with the real paper-cut artist, he…… Anji remember father’s wishes, so I determined not to room 1, I hope my father can go to the smoking room 5. But in the end did not get what you want in room 5, also can only live in the worst house, Anji was certainly guilty. Coupled with the blame of the father, so Anji can not help but wronged cry. Sha Yi later reflect on their own, think this thing is really not good, do not understand the child’s mood. Anji out of the sensible, although only 5 years old, but has been like a small adult, and sometimes even bolder than Sha Yi. Anji loves to say "my mother", "my God", with a small smoke voice hoarse simply dumbfounding. Even cry also to groan and moan said "oh my gosh". There are times when it feels like he’s more mature than Sha Yi, and Sha Yi is talking to his leader". Sha Yi is sometimes very strict with Anji, for example, when he lost his brother in Anji. At the fair, the little fish lost their way because they looked at the toys everywhere. Anji is also in play with awfully, when found here, brother are not even a shadow. In the streets of Anji is really running find brother brother bursting with this picture, like a children’s version of the idol drama. When he found his brother, he ran over and hugged the little fish相关的主题文章: