Top Tips For A Safe Spring Break 2011-cancam

UnCategorized Spring break getaways are a fun, crazy, and awesome way to celebrate your vacation. Each year hundreds of thousands of college students get away from campus for a booze-filled beach paradise in places like Cabo, Cancun, the Bahamas, or even in the good old USA. Here are some safety tips students need to keep in mind when planning their spring break 2011. If you are traveling to a foreign destination ensure you know what documentation is required to enter the country. Some countries require visas, so if you don’t have one you won’t be allowed to enter. Double, triple, quadruple check your travel reservations. This is a busy travel season and it’s not un.mon for hotels to lose your reservation. Make sure you make back up copies of your passport and ID, and keep them separate from your originals. While you will need a lot of cash to pay for those pool side drinks, don’t carry lots of large bills. Break them down into smaller denominations, and don’t carry all your cash with you at once. If you don’t need your credit cards, you can store them along with extra cash and your documents in hotel safes. Always know the phone number of the local emergency services. 911 doesn’t work in every country. Know your hotel’s number, the number for local taxi services, and the United States Consulate phone number. Awareness of local laws is a must. Just because you are in a foreign country doesn’t mean they don’t have strict laws against drug use or under age drinking. Guys and gals want to work on their tan, and there’s no better place for this than tropical beaches. But nothing ruins a vacation early like a nasty sun burn. Also, sun rays are stronger the further south you go, so always apply sunscreen. Dehydration is a serious problem, especially if you are drinking alcohol. Make sure for every alcoholic drink you imbibe you have one non-alcoholic, decaffeinated beverage. And speaking of drinking, while spring break is a chance to let go and really party, your safety should .e first. Make sure you are eating properly, especially before you drink. Don’t mix types of alcohol, so if you decide to drink wine day, stick to wine all day. Pace yourself and don’t get carried away with drinking games. Always make sure you keep an eye on your drink and do not accept drink from strangers. Stay with your friends and know the signs of alcohol poisoning and how to treat it. While planning your spring break 2011 is fun, you should always be aware before you arrive at your destination of the safety tips listed here. Just a little responsibility won’t take away from your party and it could save your, or your friends, lives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: